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Top 7 Digital Marketing Tips for RV Dealers …

Posted by Steve Devries on Mar 10, 2015

19 years ago, Digital Marketing didn’t exist. The Internet was still new. How new? In 1996 . . . didn’t exist. There were only 100,000 websites compared to more than 1 billion today. The web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator. Dial-up Internet was… Read On »

The Heavy Cost of NOT Telling RV Buyers Why They Need To Call You …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jan 22, 2015

If I was an RV buyer, ready to purchase … why would I be “smart” to call your particular dealership? Why should I email you?  What’s in it for me (WII FM) to call you?  What might I expect if I stop by for a visit?    Tell me… Read On »

Dealers: Want To Expand Your Market Reach? Here’s How …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jul 23, 2014

Some dealers love to try and dominate their own geographic regions.  This is a great “legacy” strategy, for sure.  But other dealers watch various sales coming to them from a-far and they make some very interesting, coldly calculated moves to help them capture more of… Read On »

How Does Your Content Stack Up?

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jun 03, 2014

The quality (and quantity) of your online content matters, both to shoppers and search engines alike. But it goes deeper than just online. Having high standards for content should be pervasive across all of your customer touch points. What is “content” anyway? “Content” is simply… Read On »

Part 2 – More Dealership Performance Indicators You Must Watch – and, Why …

Posted by Chris Mapson on May 29, 2014

Certain key metrics you need to “watch like a hawk.”  Not even a question.  However, with other key metrics (otherwise called key performance indicators or KPIs), while you may be “all over them” it’s possible they’re leading you down the garden path! Here’s a sample Dealer… Read On »

How To Add Effective Calls-To-Action Into Your RV Listings …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Apr 16, 2014

Look … there’s an RV buyer – with $48,000 in his checking account!  He’s browsing  His family is researching their next RV purchase. Wait!  Check this out … they’ve seen your unit on a Search Results Page.  Yes!  You’re in the running … and… Read On »

10 Ways To Really Mess Up Your Online Advertising …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Mar 19, 2014

If you value leads / inquiries and qualified RV shoppers visiting your dealership as a direct result of your online advertising, here’s what NOT to do: 1.  Pretend your RV classifieds really don’t matter all that much anyway. Here’s a bold assertion by Howard Polirer,… Read On »

5 Crucial Things An RV Internet Sales Manager Must Do To Prep For Spring …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Feb 12, 2014

RV Internet Sales Managers never cease to inspire us!  You have great insights into how to sell more RVs. And today, RVAdvertiser is pleased to feature some timely ideas and a special video courtesy of James Klaus, E-Commerce Director at Bozeman RV Sales. Check out… Read On »

How Winning RV Dealers Create Banner Ads That Work …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jan 28, 2014

Significant increases in RV shopper lead volumes (and additional RV sales) are now being “enjoyed” by a certain, select few dealers (and manufacturers.) These lucky ones have a few secrets in common. They’ve experimented – and figured out how to win the race!  They’ve managed… Read On »

“Re-Targeting” in the RV Biz – Fad or Sales Game Changer? …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Dec 11, 2013

You’ve probably heard all the buzz & hoopla.  Re-targeting.  Re-marketing.  So, what is it?  And, better yet, savvy RV dealers are asking, “What’s in it for me?”   Here’s A Snapshot of Re-Targeting (a.k.a. Re-Marketing) and How It Works:  RV consumers visit and shop… Read On »

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