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Pssst … the 1990s Called, They Want Their Duplicate Content Back!

Posted by Drew on Apr 22, 2014


This article is about avoiding the use of what is known as “duplicate content” in your online ads. More than just avoiding duplicate content, it’s also about creating unique and engaging content in it’s place.   To be clear, I mean copying (and pasting) product… Read On »

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How To Add Effective Calls-To-Action Into Your RV Listings …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Apr 16, 2014

Business question

Look … there’s an RV buyer – with $48,000 in his checking account!  He’s browsing  His family is researching their next RV purchase. Wait!  Check this out … they’ve seen your unit on a Search Results Page.  Yes!  You’re in the running … and… Read On »

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Maintain Decent Margins By Building “Value Statements” Into RV Classifieds …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Apr 02, 2014


Not all purchases made are based solely on price alone.   In fact, the highest margins happen where sellers can find – and then elicit inquiry from – those many buyers who are looking to buy an RV and who simply want to know they’re… Read On »

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10 Ways To Really Mess Up Your Online Advertising …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Mar 19, 2014


If you value leads / inquiries and qualified RV shoppers visiting your dealership as a direct result of your online advertising, here’s what NOT to do: 1.  Pretend your RV classifieds really don’t matter all that much anyway. Here’s a bold assertion by Howard Polirer,… Read On »

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The RV Advertiser’s Guide to HTML tags

Posted by Drew on Mar 12, 2014


For some this information may be “old hat.” For others, a refresher. For others still this will be something new. Whatever your background and comfort level with computers, here it is, the RV advertiser’s guide to HTML tags! The General Idea Tags are what you… Read On »

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Getting Better Results with RV Classifieds Starts with the Basics

Posted by Drew on Feb 18, 2014

Get the basics right, then decorate

Did you know that not including information in your RV classifieds can disqualify your inventory from appearing in Google/Bing/Yahoo search results – and – internal searches on RV classifieds sites? In reviewing ads from our site – – it is clear that many RV… Read On »

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5 Crucial Things An RV Internet Sales Manager Must Do To Prep For Spring …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Feb 12, 2014

5 Crucial Things

RV Internet Sales Managers never cease to inspire us!  You have great insights into how to sell more RVs. And today, RVAdvertiser is pleased to feature some timely ideas and a special video courtesy of James Klaus, E-Commerce Director at Bozeman RV Sales. Check out… Read On »

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Leveraging the Google Display Ad Network to Your Advantage

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Feb 05, 2014


Your customers are spending  more and more time online, 95% of that time is spent reading and engaging with content on websites (Source:Google).  The Google ad network is arguably the largest online…by far…hosting ads on over 2 MILLION sites that reach over 90% of internet… Read On »

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How Winning RV Dealers Create Banner Ads That Work …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jan 28, 2014


Significant increases in RV shopper lead volumes (and additional RV sales) are now being “enjoyed” by a certain, select few dealers (and manufacturers.) These lucky ones have a few secrets in common. They’ve experimented – and figured out how to win the race!  They’ve managed… Read On »

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Remarketing 301 – Create Dynamic Display Ads that Showcase Current RV Inventory

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jan 13, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.43.40 AM

In this last instalment of my 3-part series on Remarketing for RV dealer advertisers, I will show you how to set up a dynamic display ad that presents your inventory in a banner ad, to your site visitors.  With this powerful advertising tool, you will… Read On »

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