The Buyer’s Journey Part 3: Supporting Buyers in the Post-Sale Phase

The Buyer’s Journey Part 3: Supporting Buyers in the Post-Sale Phase

The Buyer’s Journey should be a key focus for marketing any business, including your RV dealership. At its heart, the Buyer’s Journey is the sales funnel from your buyer’s perspective. Understanding how buyers process their purchase decisions and how you can support them as they shop and post-sale is important. 

In the post-sale/advocacy stage, buyers have purchased their RV and cemented their experience with your dealership. Ensure your customers are eager to spread the word about their fantastic experience! In this final article of our three-part Buyer’s Journey article series, RVT examines ways to help you turn your RV purchasers into repeat customers—and become champions of your dealership.

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Post-Sale Follow Up

Once your buyers have driven away with their new purchase, the goal is to remain top of mind so they become advocates for shopping with your dealership amongst their friends and families, and return to your dealership when they need parts, accessories, repairs, and eventually, a new RV. One way to continue their positive experience is by following up after the sale.

A post-purchase email to see how they’re enjoying their new purchase keeps you top of mind and shows you care. You could include: 

  • Tips for getting the most out of their new RV
  • A discount from your parts and service department. 
  • Recommendations for specific parts or accessories that might be a good fit. Don’t turn it into a sales push. Keep it light and informative. 

Customizing the email for the specific customer will increase engagement. Mention the specific rig they purchased, include their names and date of purchase. A generic form letter may be ignored and construed as uncaring. If they personally respond, listen to what they have to say, and acknowledge it whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. Remember, they are your best advocates. You can also use post-purchase emails to remind your buyers when it’s time for key maintenance like winterizing and spring start up. 

Think an email is too impersonal? Phone your buyer instead. This way you get live feedback and can immediately reassure your customer should something be amiss.  

A good post-sale follow up helps breed loyalty with your buyers and shouldn’t be missed as an opportunity to connect once they’ve left your dealership.


Your Buyers Are Your Best Advocates

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, superior customer service is vital to creating a positive buyer experience. How you make them feel in the purchase phase flows into the post-sale. Your buyers are more than former customers, they are also advocates for your dealership and one of the best forms of advertising you have. 

Over 90% of consumers check reviews about a business before they visit, and the star rating is the top factor they consider when judging whether a business is worth the trip. 

People want to spread the word when they’ve had a great experience. They are just as eager, perhaps more so, to tell others about negative ones. Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster. 

Consistent high reviews and responses to customer feedback let potential buyers know that your dealership is trustworthy and cares. Ask your customers for a testimonial to put on your website and to please leave a Google review. Over 80% of consumers use Google to evaluate a local business. Other sites with consumer reviews include, your local Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and your dealership’s social media pages. Check reviews regularly to get a pulse reading on what your customers are saying. 

If there’s an opportunity to respond to a review, provide a gracious response whether the review is positive or negative. Your customers want to know they’ve been heard and acknowledged. Remember, potential customers also read your responses and will use those to evaluate your business as well. 

Top dealers ensure they provide excellent customer care, follow up with their purchasers, and consistently have strong reviews. We hope these tips help you to get more reviews and remain top of mind for your buyers once they’ve driven off your lot.

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