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Beat Your Competition to the Punch – Creating Effective Autoresponders …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on May 08, 2013

In RV sales, you need to beat your competitor(s) to the punch.  You have to get back to your leads … and FAST!   But, what if you’re not in the office?  What if your store is closed and a bona-fide lead sends you an… Read On »

Killer Lead Management Applied to an RV Dealership …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Feb 26, 2013

Follow up emails hook the biz!

Shocking.  And, down right alarming.  Yet still somehow … nicely transparent, very open, and completely professional at the same time.  This Company’s follow up email actually gave me a JOLT.   Like a wake up call, like the way it’s supposed to be, their email… Read On »

Listen When You Sell RVs … The How’s & Why’s …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Oct 18, 2012

The old cliché about the fast-talking salesman is firmly embedded in every customer’s consciousness.  That’s why some shoppers arrive at your RV dealership a little leary, cautious, evasive or even … “fixin’ for a fight.” But, you might find selling RVs can be a little… Read On »