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Top 7 Digital Marketing Tips for RV Dealers …

Posted by Steve Devries on Mar 10, 2015

19 years ago, Digital Marketing didn’t exist. The Internet was still new. How new? In 1996 . . . didn’t exist. There were only 100,000 websites compared to more than 1 billion today. The web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator. Dial-up Internet was… Read On »

Pssst … the 1990s Called, They Want Their Duplicate Content Back!

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Apr 22, 2014

This article is about avoiding the use of what is known as “duplicate content” in your online ads. More than just avoiding duplicate content, it’s also about creating unique and engaging content in it’s place.   To be clear, I mean copying (and pasting) product… Read On »

Using Rich Snippets Can Help Google Display More Pertinent Content

Posted by industryblogger on May 31, 2012

Perhaps your RV dealership has gotten outstanding ratings from third-party review sites. Maybe you want to promote a new location. Or you wish to announce a special buy or lease rate, or even a special event at your dealership. Enriching Web Searches Now you don’t… Read On »