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How Changes in the RV Business Can Lead to Huge Opportunities …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 05, 2015

When you’re selling RVs, it can often seem like your digital marketing landscape — changes FAST!  Ready!  Aim!  Oops, the target moved … again!  (Examples?  Online shopping trends, email lead volume fluctuations, Adwords, Google algorithm changes, Social Media platform usage evolution and the list goes on.) But in RV sales, as in… Read On »

How to “Get” that All-Important Dealership Visit …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Oct 25, 2012

“Hey Eddie, there’s another prospect on the phone for ya”  … or … Ding!  Your email just chimed with another web lead.  Fantastic!   Sure, leads are all fine & dandy, but – in reality – if they do not set foot on your RV… Read On »

The “5 C’s” of Building Rapport with a Web Lead or Call-In …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Sep 20, 2012

  Rapport:  [ra-pawr, –pohr] – a close and harmonious relationship in which the people concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well:  she had an instant rapport with prospective buyers. Developing rapport with online or phone-based leads is a lot like building rapport in-person:  your goal is to… Read On »

Build Your Sale with Top Requested RV Travel Accessories

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 30, 2012

Your customers have put real investment – of money, time and even emotion – in their RVs. They’re counting on their vehicles for comfort, safety, and the fun and freedom of the open road. So when they choose RV travel accessories, they want to enhance… Read On »

Get on the Map, Take Control and Get Selling …

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 16, 2012

That shiny new RV you’ve got sitting out there on your lot looks like it wants to find a really good home!  So, I was wondering … how are you going to “make that happen”? Yes, the song remains the same.  Hey, you’re an RV… Read On »

How Every RV Dealer Has Now Become an “Online Publisher”

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 02, 2012

The OLD image of a “Publisher:”  A tweed-blazered, pipe-smoking academic editing volumes of free verse. The NEW image of an “Online Publisher:”  A knowledgable, authentic and skilled RV Dealer with an attractive Website, a killer blog, YouTube channel and a strong Social Media presence who… Read On »

How To Reach – and IMPACT! – the Local RV Shopper … Thinking Outside the Lot

Posted by industryblogger on Jul 26, 2012

Local marketing used to mean billboards & YellowPages or, if you had the budget, a 30-second spot on “drive time radio” or TV.  But today, local’s got a whole new face, and it’s one YOUR Dealership needs to take full advantage of. You see, Search… Read On »

Expanding Your Territory, Reaching Beyond Your Local Market

Posted by industryblogger on Jun 28, 2012

RV owners are people on the go, and that could be good news for your business. Are you taking advantage of not just local, but nationwide marketing?  Here are a couple suggestions: • Offer sales, warranty work, body shop services and equipment or accessories to… Read On »

Optimize Your Online Efforts for Local Audiences

Posted by industryblogger on Jun 21, 2012

Ninety-seven percent of consumers use the Internet to search for businesses, and many shoppers don’t investigate beyond the first five or so results. If your dealership is optimized for local marketing, you stand a better chance of gaining new leads. Website and social networks Use… Read On »

Google Places – How to Remediate a Smack Down

Posted by industryblogger on Apr 26, 2012

Google Places – that eye-catching, pin-pointed map displaying the locations of specific businesses in a geographic area – has caught on with web searchers. If your dealership is competing with others in the same town, Google Places can be invaluable. A simple search of “RV… Read On »

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