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YouTube Videos Can Boost RV Sales

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jun 14, 2012


From great drama to top ad campaigns, one of the basics of memorable messaging is “Don’t tell us; show us!”  That’s why real estate agents create walk-through videos of homes for sale, with the camera lovingly scanning every vaulted ceiling or new hardwood deck.  And it’s why you can use the power of video to boost your RV sales.

Imagine how much greater the impression between a print ad that states some features and benefits… versus the sight of a row of gleaming new RVs in your lot; or the sound of a humming engine; or the color and motion of a well-equipped vehicle in action. In years past, the only way to get your video widely seen was through expensive and limited TV ads. Now, of course, YouTube has changed everything, giving everyone a broadcast platform. Now you can create videos inexpensively, post them for free, create your own dedicated channel and promote on your website, ad listings, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages…how cool is that!

Here are four tips for creating effective YouTube videos:

  1. Focus on the benefits, not just the features: Show families or retirees enjoying the open road; depict the RV providing warmth and comfort even in bad weather; show a graphic on the more affordable financing options.
  2. If you’re on a strict budget, find the best camcorder and video editing software you can. But for more professional results, hire a freelance videographer/editor, who can provide all the production and post-production you need.
  3. Create a YouTube Channel for your dealership using the fast functionality that YouTube provides. Link your YouTube channel directly from your website and social media page.
  4. Reach out to affiliated social networks with links to your best videos. For instance, perhaps you shot some video of an exciting new product at an RV trade show or expo; use them to get draw attention from RV fans without giving a sales pitch.

Lights, camera — sales! Make no mistake: People interested in RV living are spending time online looking for great content. Give them something worth finding with your YouTube videos.

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Author: Shawn Friesen

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