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Why 17,000 Active RV Buyers “SHARE” RVs They Want to Buy on Social Networks …

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 10, 2012

Sharing RV's they want to buy

As seen by Eddie’s entire Social Network: “Yo! Check out the big diesel pusher we’re thinking of buying! … Link to RV …”
X 17,000 / yr. on

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – the best-known “social networks,” along with popular sites like YouTube – have dramatically changed how people “connect” with others AND ALSO how they research, shop for and buy products & services …

… especially RV’s!

The positive, highly-actionable data just keeps coming in.  While more & more online searches for RV’s every day by qualified RV buyers is one thing,  here’s another trend we’ve seen growing this last year …

Over 17,000 RV Buyers have “SHARED” an RV They Found on with their Social Network

That’s right, they’re browsing through the classifieds, they’re looking for that “just right” RV and presto! either they …

  • “Like” the RV on Facebook (which notifies all their Friends), or
  • They email someone a link to it (spreading the word about your unit to key decision makers / influencers) or
  • They “Tweet” about it to their (hundreds? thousands?) of Twitter Followers.

Interesting …

Yes, Social Networking is upon us!  And, as an RV Dealer, YOU are ideally poised to take maximum advantage of the world’s favorite “connecting tools,” Social Media.

How SM Works for Consumers:

Social Networks are all about common interests – and – staying up-to-speed on subjects you are interested in / passionate about.  People connect with others who share their common interests.  And, since memberships to SM sites are free, this only adds to the appeal.

Even though Facebook was launched by a college kid, it’s not just young people who live their lives online.  Oh, no.  Boomers and retirees alike – YOUR exact target demographic – the precise age group of typical RV owners – are big-time consumers of Social Media.

But, How is SM Helpful in Selling More RV’s?


“Middle-aged and older adults place a relatively high value on Social Media as a tool
to connect with others around a hobby and interest.”

 Pew Research Center

So, it’s starting to make some sense.  Their hobby / their interest is RV’ing.  And, you’re the expert!  SM is the tool you use to “connect”:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your blog etc.  It’s like connecting …

  • Enthusiast to expert
  • Knowledge seeker to knowledge provider

(and, dare we say it out loud?),

  • Buyer to seller!

Ideally, if you’re “working-the-program” correctly, after you “connect,” interaction happens.  Info flows back & forth.  Questions get asked and answered.  Conversations occur.  Trust builds.  And, so naturally, among your growing Social Network of Friends, Fans and Followers, sales ramp up.

How SM Works for RV Dealers:

NOTE:  Experts say informative, helpful posts should outnumber “salesy” posts 7 to 1.

Consumers believe it’s all fine & dandy to hear about your next great SALE Event and / or that awesome unit you just received in on trade, but to optimize your credibility and maximize the number of followers you keep and connect with, Web culture dictates you should limit salesy types of posts to a minimum while you deliver big on the knowledge and value for the most part.

How SM Can Work for You:

Hey, Social Media is not an “iron-clad, guaranteed” way to boost your RV sales, but – if used consistently and in a proper fashion – it’s an established way to raise your profile, to reach out to and to connect with enthusiasts who – “SHARE” your stuff with others and – come to you when they’re looking for their next coach!

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