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What Women Want from RV Dealers

Posted by industryblogger on Dec 08, 2010

The ascendency of what Time magazine has dubbed the Sheconomy (see our previous blog post) is changing family purchasing dynamics. With the post-recession job market favoring women over men, wives are increasingly supplanting husbands as the family’s primary breadwinner. Women’s increasing financial muscle is forcing men to the sidelines when major purchasing decisions are made. Today it is more often wives who are driving RV purchasing decisions. The power shift is forcing changes in the way goods and services are marketed, including recreational vehicles. Savvy RV dealers will adjust their marketing programs to give women what they want.

Women desire a more personal relationship with RV dealers. Women prefer  to buy from an RV dealer they trust. Ensuring that a female customer has access to the same salesperson every time she calls provides continuity and develops personal relationships.

Women place greater value on features and amenities than men. While women are interested in getting a good deal on an RV, they’re willing to spend more to get the features they want.

Women respond negatively to hard sell tactics. Sales pressure is a sure way to drive away female RV buyers. RV sales personnel who patiently answer questions, emphasize education, and provide detailed explanations of models and features will get the sale.

Women have created and rely on powerful online social networks. RV dealers with a solid presence on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter hold greater appeal for women. Blogs that offer informative RV tips and travel suggestions will draw female customers.

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