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Watch This Happen in the RV Industry …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jan 10, 2013

RV industry media and pundits are all fairly optimistic about prospects for growth.  And, so is  But, there’s more …  iStock_000005604919XSmall

We’re seeing some intriguing dynamics on the consumer side and some converging positives on the dealer side as well.  It could mean significant impact in the RV industry  – and specifically – RV sales.

Consider these factors as you plan out how you’re going to make 2013 your best year ever:

1.  With Print Gone, Look For Online Competition to Intensify.

At last, for the RV dealer, print is gone – completely.  But understand why.  It’s because the consumer moved on.  Consumers now look at, research and initiate the RV purchase process almost entirely online.

So, here’s how this will impact you in ’13:  Expect the dealer vs. dealer online competition to intensify.  The battle to capture the attention of the RV consumer is about to heat up – a lot.

Strong, savvy, top selling dealers already have a jump on slower-to-adapt players.  Look for the spread between guys who are NOT “doing” Internet sales and guys who are doing it well – to widen.

We would like to see the “good” become “great.”  And, we’re able to help.  So, as the best-of-the-best dealers continue to get hungrier and hungrier to improve every aspect of their online presence, watch for this to take root, grow and flourish …

2.  You’re Going to Have to Build “Stronger Pulling” Online Classified Ads.

You know how some ads “pull” – and some don’t?  Some ads get 20 people to call you and some ads get passed over by thousands?

Well, here’s an anomaly we found in our dealer stats:  (purely random sample, identical timeframe)

Dealer A:       80 units       3 leads

Dealer B:      100 units      5 leads

Dealer C:       71 units      12 leads      (400% more leads)

Why does the dealer with the fewest units receive up to 4 times as many leads?  Obviously there could be a lot of factors at play, but 400% stronger lead generation?  If we were to show you the big winner, Dealer C’s classified ads, and analyze them with you, you would (quickly) see how you too can create ads that pull much stronger qualified buyer inquiry.

Watch this year as dealers try to learn everything they can about building better online ads.

Watch as dealers get WAY more intentional about testing ads, improving and testing descriptions, photos, videos and every conceivable component of every ad – in a much more intense and coldly calculated fashion.

Watch also as dealers de-construct legacy RV merchandising systems and procedures, looking for that one extra little tip, trick or edge that’s going to win them 1 or 2 additional leads every week.

X 52 weeks = 100 or 200 “extra” leads (and that’s conservative) in 2013.  Now, multiply a couple hundred extra leads by your current closing ratio (1 or 2 in 10?) and you’re looking at loads of additional sales.

And, why?

Because you got serious about creating classifieds that will …

  • Win the clicks on a search page and
  • Stimulate more and easier-to-sell inquiries when the customer lands on your RV detail page

But, don’t worry.  You are not in this alone. is here to help you optimize your ads and your ability to generate more leads (as opposed to less leads).  Stay tuned!  Get your key personnel subscribed to this blog at  “Tell-all” tid bits are coming your way throughout the year!


“This changes everything.”

If you do not have a “mobile optimized” website – where it is an absolute pleasure to browse through your RV inventory, please understand:  Whether you like it or not, your customers are viewing your rigs on their phones.  And tablets.  Both.  Now, if you are content to give them a clunky, slow, awkward and confusing “shopping experience” (because you do not have a mobile optimized website,) they’re gone.  Period.  You lose.  Big time.

But … fortunately … do you want a mobile optimized site?  No problem.  You’ve got one.  Free.  It comes with your account.  No cost.  Feel free to give me a call.  I’ll help you get set up.  I’m here to help you optimize.

Massive Gross Revenue wins will be secured – this year – because of mobile alone.  Let’s not just watch it happen.  Let’s get you there.

4.  Manufacturers.

Manufacturers have a very keen (and vested) interest in dealer sales success.  It’s natural.  And, we’re seeing it.

Prediction:  Manufacturers will be taking a greater and greater interest in consumer RV purchaser leads – and specifically –

  • The generation of high quality leads
  • The timely distribution of leads to dealers
  • And more and more sophisticated lead tracking systems, procedures and technology.

Just a hunch?  It’s going to be interesting to find out.

Yes, we feel 2013 has the makings of a truly great year for the RV dealer.

Now it’s your turn.

What are you looking forward to as ’13 gets rolling full steam ahead?

Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. Andrew

    You guys are on it. Very excited to learn. Best of 2013 to everyone at RVT!

  2. Chris Mapson

    Hey, thanks Andrew. Just calling it like we see it. 😉

    Would be great to connect with you, have a consultation / brainstorming session on many ways we might be able to help you optimize your listings, increase the # of leads you generate, and even touch on a couple of lead handling ideas as well.

    Did you check out our “RV Sales Maximizer Planning Sessions”? Might be of interest to you.

    Please feel free to be in touch anytime or I’ll give you a shout as well to chat. There’s so much we can do. Let’s make 2013 a rocket for you!

    All the best,

    Chris Mapson | Dealer Optimization Specialist
    (800) 282-2183 x 710
    chris at

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