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Video Ads Speed RV Sales

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 07, 2011

Whether you’re an individual RV seller or an RV dealer, if you aren’t adding video to your online RV ads, you’re shooting yourself in the foot! Video is the single most powerful new sales tools in the online RV advertising arsenal. A proven winner when it comes to moving online RV inventory quickly, video creates a personal bond between RV sellers and buyers while showing buyers exactly what they want to see — every square inch and detail of the RV they want to buy.

It’s easy to understand why potential RV buyers are attracted to online RV video ads. Think of how you buy a car. You walk around and sit in the vehicle, inspecting every inch of the vehicle inside and out and trying out all the controls as you mentally and physically “try on” the car to see how it fits your needs and lifestyle.

When you shop online for an RV, you lose that “try on” advantage. Photographs and detailed descriptions are helpful in narrowing the list of potential contenders to a few RV models, but fall short of putting you in the driver’s seat. Video allows you to “see” yourself in the RV. As you walk through an RV with the owner, you get a real feel for the interior space as your surrogate opens all the doors,  peers inside all the nooks and crannies, punches all the buttons and turns all the knobs. It’s the next best thing to actually being there yourself!

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