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Using Rich Snippets Can Help Google Display More Pertinent Content

Posted by industryblogger on May 31, 2012

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Perhaps your RV dealership has gotten outstanding ratings from third-party review sites. Maybe you want to promote a new location. Or you wish to announce a special buy or lease rate, or even a special event at your dealership.

Enriching Web Searches

Now you don’t have to wait for web surfers to happen upon your site for kind of content. Thanks to Rich Snippets – a function launched by Google – people can see specialized information right from the search result.

Rich Snippets improve a user’s experience while affording you a way to put compelling “click me” data up front. This function also makes it easier for search engines to find your site, especially if you run this data alongside your Google Places link.

What Kind of Content Makes Up Rich Snippets?

Google recognizes many categories, including:

• Events
If your dealership is one to hold customer open-house or sales events, Rich Snippets can create a tiny “calendar” that dynamically updates when your webmaster contributes new information on dates, times, locations and more.

• People
If you maintain an active presence in social media like LinkedIn for Twitter, a People Rich Snippet will give web users more pertinent information about individuals connected to your business. You might use this function to highlight your credentials as an RV expert, or to provide a fast link to your social network page.

• Reviews
This function of Rich Snippets allows people to see “starred” review (up to a five-star ranking) as well as the number of reviewers who contributed to the ranking. If your dealership has gotten such favorable feedback from customers, ask your webmaster to set up this Rich Snippet.

Reap Rich Rewards
Creating Rich Snippets involves only some slight modification to the data that makes up your website content. Your developer or webmaster can annotate relevant information with markups that Google will recognize and integrate it into your metadata (the text that shows up just under your site name in a results list).
There’s no shortage of ways to use Rich Snippets to better position your website – and your business – in a competitive online marketplace.

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