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Use Video Marketing to Sell Your RV Online

Posted by industryblogger on Dec 27, 2010

Video marketing is proving to be one of the most powerful tools available to RV owners and RV dealers who use online classified ads to sell recreational vehicles. Video sharing via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs has tremendous marketing potential that is just beginning to be tapped. Always on the cutting edge of online RV advertising, offers both individual and dealer customers free RV video advertising with our photo ad packages.

Including video in your online RV ad offers RV sellers unique advantages:

1. Video lures motivated RV buyers. We live in a visual age. RV shoppers are far more likely to watch an engaging video than read beyond the first few paragraphs of an article.

2. Video is an excellent way to educate consumers about your product. RV shoppers want to see what they’re buying. Showing potential buyers how spacious a slide out can make a room registers more clearly with buyers than seeing numbers on an RV ad listing.

3. Adding video to online RV ads can help RV dealerships create and build a business brand. Video sets your RV ads apart from the thousands of other listings. Video allows you to  communicate with consumers on a more personal, more memorable level.

4. By tapping into the huge traffic generated by YouTube and similar video sharing sites, RV video ads capture the attention of RV buyers and drive more traffic to your website.

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