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To Price … or NOT to Price … My RV Ads …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Mar 15, 2013

Get with a group of RV dealers and start talking about whether – or not – you should put prices on your RV classified ads and you could end up in … well … an all out price war!  iStock_000009273260XSmall

The discussion can get a little heated!

Some dealers faithfully price every unit.  Always have, always will.  Some dealers price none.  And, some dealers switch strategies back and forth.

So, who’s right?

Who’s got the upper hand?  Basically, what you’re asking is —> who gets MORE leads?

Let’s look at this data extracted at random from RV classified ads:

    100 ads WITH price                                    VS.         100 ads WITHOUT price:

*  1.49 times or approx. 50% MORE clicks                 *  50% LESS people view your ad

*  2.13 times or approx. 115% MORE leads               *   115% LESS leads

The data don’t lie.  No price = LESS leads.

Our findings here have been corroborated by a number of additional 3rd party industry experts as well.  (For more details, please feel free to be in touch.)

Interesting to NOTE:

With 50% more people looking at your ad detail pages (that’s 50% more clicks), you would think that would translate into generating 50% more leads.  Stands to reason, right?

But … as we see in the data, showing the price on your ads actually inspires a disproportionate number of RV shoppers to inquire with you.

You don’t get 50% more leads – as you’d expect.  No.  You get 115% more leads.  More than double the number of leads because you DID show your pricing.

The theory here is, if you’re willing to show your price up front …

  • You’re providing the information shoppers are looking for.
  • A peace-of-mind factor kicks in.
  • You’re setting shoppers more at ease, removing a huge unknown.

Fortunately, this makes RV consumers more than twice as likely to contact you, to become an all-important lead.

Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. odomirok

    If the price is right it will sell. If your trying to hide something?

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