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Tips for Making Online Banner Ads ‘Clickable’

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 24, 2012

An online banner ad that does an excellent job of catching RV shoppers’ attention and appealing to their needs is useless to RV dealers unless the shopper clicks on it. Rarely is the sole purpose of an RV dealership’s online advertising campaign to build brand recognition. RV dealers advertise online to drive traffic to their online classified listings and their dealership websites. To do that, your online banner ads must include a recognizable and compelling call-to-action.

To be effective, ad viewers must first recognize a call-to-action and understand what you want them to do. Use size and/or color to call viewers’ attention to your call-to-action. If you want ad viewers to click on your ad,¬†prominently display a bold-colored button that says “click here.” If you want¬†viewers to follow a link, bold the type and underline it in blue.

Second, your call-to-action must make RV shoppers want to act. Many shoppers respond to this include the words “free” or “discount.” You can offer free downloads of information that will appeal to a broad range of RV shoppers, such as free RV buying guides,¬†maintenance checklists, etc. Offering discounts on purchases or services or promotional codes in exchange for a click is another way to attract clicks.

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