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Tips for Designing RV Dealership Banner Ads

Posted by industryblogger on Dec 26, 2011

Banner ads on are an excellent way for RV dealers to build brand recognition while increasing their customer base. When RV buyers look at a page of RV classified ads, the first thing their eye is attracted to is the banner ad at the top of the page. Banner ads sandwiched between the classifieds farther down on the page also attract attention, inviting RV shoppers to pause and take notice. At least that’s the goal. To achieve that goal and capture the attention of RV shoppers, RV dealers need to create banner ads with eye appeal.

You can create banner ads that attract the attention of RV buyers by using the following tips:

1.  Banner ads have only seconds to make an impression on RV shoppers. Keep your message short and simple and your graphics clean and uncluttered. When RV shoppers look at your banner ad, they should be able to instantly grasp your message.

2. ALWAYS include a call to action in your RV banner ad. Tell the shopper exactly what you want him to do. Make sure your call to action stands out and is impossible to miss. If you want shoppers to click on your ad, include a large button with the words “CLICK NOW” on it.

More RV dealership banner ad tips next time

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