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The Anatomy of a Winning RV Classified Ad …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jun 12, 2013

During a recent RV Sales Maximizer consultation with a prominent dealer, we were analyzing his RV classified ads together, and discussing tips & ideas he could use immediately to get more email leads, more phone-ins and more walk-in traffic to his lot.

The topic of his “descriptions” cropped up.  keyboarder

(You know – those wordings that appear on your ads – those words that are supposed to “compel” buyers to pick up the phone and call you!)

Typically when shopping for an RV, consumers see descriptions that are:

  • Feature-fat.
  • Benefits-thin.
  • And any “Calls-To-Action” (CTAs) would be – unfortunately – the exception, not the rule.

The RV Dealer and the Ah-ha Moment

For the dealer I was consulting with, the descriptions on his ads were something he had always wondered about.  How do you write a great description?

He always had a “feeling” that if he improved his descriptions, he might get more inquiries.

That’s when he asked … “Have  you got any samples of really good descriptions from RV classified ads I could see?”

Well, there’s nothing like seeing a sample, so, this sent me on a hunt.  And, you’re going to LOVE what I found!

An RVT colleague sent me this ad which I believe has a great and compelling description.  Check it out …

Click to see larger image.

Click to see larger image.

This is ad from our friends at Guaranty RV in Junction City, OR.

Becky Smith, Advertising and Marketing Manager, says she knows that writing descriptions “in the most compelling way possible” works, because she monitors the Analytics.

“It increases your online visibility.  Google sees updated content and you show up higher in searches.”

Here’s a Break-Down of the Description and Some Quick Take-Aways:

“2013 Itasca Impulse 24V – The stylish Brownstone interior, intelligent floor plan and exciting amenities make this 2013 Itasca Impulse 24V the perfect choice for families who want to travel in comfort and style while retaining the freedom to go anywhere.”

“Stylish.”  “Intelligent.”  “Exciting.”  These are great descriptive words!

Note the use of the word “families” which tells you exactly who this unit is ideal for right up front – this is called “segmenting” or “calling out” the unit’s ideal buyer.

The description continues stressing comfort, style and freedom and brings it back-to-basics – the RV lifestyle – with words like: “go anywhere.”

Easy to drive and a joy to camp in, you can’t go wrong in this 25 foot Class C.

Who was it who did that research that found one of the biggest BARRIERS to the purchase of any RV is that nagging question … “Can I even drive this thing?”

Wow!  Here’s Guaranty RV smashing the barriers to purchase right up front in the description of the RV.  Excellent!

This new motorhome has storage under the coach allowing you to take your necessities as well as those little, or large, extras that make life better.

Now we’re getting practical.  Storage.  Big concern, for sure.  The writer solves the concern and brings it back to the benefit, “making life better.”

Enjoy the view from the large window situated over the comfortable dinette that is the perfect place to enjoy any meal at leisure. When you’re ready for a little privacy, simply pull down the shades. Or, if you’d rather, get comfortable in the lounge chair across the way.

Leisure, enjoyment, comfort.  Wow!

The galley provides everything you need to keep the family happy and well fed.

No stereotyping intended here, but this directly addresses the female component of the “buying group” i.e. the family.  Brilliant.  How many of YOUR customers’ purchase decisions are driven by the woman?  It’s quite refreshing to see this powerful demographic addressed in an ad.  Kudos Guaranty RV!

There are handsome wood cabinets and drawers for pantry items and cookware as well as a large double-door refrigerator. So feel free to cook up that big batch of fresh clam chowder on the three-burner stovetop or simply microwave some store-bought soup instead. You are on vacation!

Equates the unit’s amenities (3-burner stovetop) with comfort food (fresh clam chowder.)  Like the best-of-the-best RV salesman would do – but – in an online description!  Intelligent, actually clever and inspiring.

The private bathroom in the back corner houses the shower with domed skylight and commode. The sink is conveniently located outside this area so someone else can easily get ready for the day while the bathroom is occupied.

Shows the easy life.

With large closets and numerous drawers, there’s plenty of room to keep towels, supplies and clothing.

Practical.  This is what shoppers are thinking about.  Good to “describe” it in your “description.”

Relax in comfort at the end of the day in the 60 inch by 75 inch bed with privacy curtain. Store what you need close at hand in the ample overhead cabinets.

Very imaginable.  Mixes utilitarian efficiency with comfort and relaxation.

The kids will love the cab bunk at the opposite end of the coach, especially since they can watch their favorite movies on the built-in entertainment center complete with flat screen TV. If needing still more room for people to sleep, the dinette easily converts into a comfortable sleeping area as well.

Family, kids, entertainment, flat screen TV, addresses “needs,” for more room and comfort.  It’s all here in this description!

Be sure to check out this 2013 Itasca Impulse 24V today so you too can begin your journey to unforgettable adventures.

The Call-To-Action!  “Be sure to check out …”  Then, craftily repeats the RVs year, make and model while instilling a sense of adventure / lifestyle.

While you’re here, ask us about our no down payment RV loans.

Assumes the sale – again, like any good salesman would do – and plants a seed about “no down payment” financing product.

For more information on this unit please call 1-800-283-9163 Guaranty RV Lic. # 764

Includes the 800 # again right here in the body of the description.  Smart and thorough.

Now it’s your turn …

Although Guaranty RV doesn’t have ALL their RVs with descriptions like this, Becky says they’re “doing as many as possible” – and it’s working.

So, here’s your challenge:

  1. If you want to improve your descriptions but would benefit from some outside assistance, remember, RVT is here to help.  Call me.  (800) 282-2183 x 710  Or, better yet, visit the RV Sales Maximizer Sessions online schedule here and book yourself a convenient, free 15 to 30 min. session.
  2. We’re thinking of developing a “RV Ad Descriptions Hack.”  It will be an MS Word file full of descriptive / RV lifestyle / peace-of-mind types of sentences and phrases, plus effective “Calls-To-Action” (CTAs) you can easily cut and paste to help you build compelling, effective ads.  Contact me to get your name on the list to receive a copy as soon as it is finalized.


Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. Jon Markham

    Chris, good article. I like the way the ad paints the picture of using the RV. The prospective owner can visualize using this coach.

  2. Chris Mapson

    Thanks Jon. Yes, it is very powerful when dealers can paint the picture of the buyer using the unit. It’s so strong. Great to see more and more dealers creating better classified ad descriptions all the time!

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