How to Keep Buyers Coming Back—Even in the Off Season

How to Keep Buyers Coming Back—Even in the Off Season

If you’re in one of the many states and provinces heading into the off season, you may be wondering how you can keep customers engaged, even when the weather turns cold. In part one of a three-part series, RVT is sharing some tips to help attract RVers in the slower seasons.

Re-engaging previous buyers and attracting new ones by showcasing a well-stocked parts and accessories department is a great way to bring customers back to your dealership. According to a recent RVIA survey, around 90% of RV buyers indicated that at least one type of improvement is needed on their RV post sale. Don’t miss out on these after-market customers. Popular areas of improvement include plumbing, sanitation, and solar packages.

So, what will motivate RVers to come back to your dealership for parts and accessories?

  • Make It Simple: A well-organized parts department in your brick-and-mortar store makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Keep the area tidy, make sure prices are clearly labeled, and have staff standing by to help customers find what they need. Consider highlighting timely areas like winterization or spring start up as the seasons change.
  • Keep Bestselling Items in Stock: Immediate availability of RV parts and accessories is essential for most shoppers. Make sure you’re well stocked with the most popular items. Take a look at last year’s sales data to identify your dealership’s most purchased products/parts & accessories to prepare for seasonal demand.

  • Have a Solid Shipping, Returns, and Exchange Policy: Do you offer free shipping with online orders? Are returns and exchanges hassle-free? Shoppers tend to lean toward stores with good return policies and complimentary shipping.
  • Offer Competitive Pricing: RVers shop everywhere for parts and accessories, including online. Like other consumers, they want the best price and will compare a variety of sites and locations to get it. Check out your competition, including Amazon, and make sure your prices are in line with the pricing elsewhere. Offer the lowest price you can.
  • Emphasize Your Expertise: Drive more business to your brick and mortar store by emphasizing one-on-one attention and expert knowledge. Many RVers are first-timers and aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Assurance that they can get quality parts and service from your dealership will help keep them coming back—and recommending your dealership to family and friends.
  • Create Awareness: Make sure RVers know you sell parts, services, and accessories. Do you stock items they won’t find at your competitors? Do you offer winterizing, spring tune ups, or other services? Now is the time to let them know. RVers are looking for a prompt, reliable service department. Too often you hear horror stories from RVers who had a terrible experience with a dealership’s service department. Be the exception. Excellent customer care and a timely turnaround will increase positive brand awareness for your dealership, including coveted word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Increase Your Marketing in the Off Season: While it may seem counter-intuitive, don’t reduce your marketing budget in the off season. Many of your competitors will, so now is an ideal time to increase your presence and let RVers know about the excellent parts, accessories, and services you offer. RVT can help you create a high-impact brand awareness strategy to keep you top of mind.

Providing expert knowledge, a wide variety of parts and accessories, competitive pricing, and a reliable service department will help build a long term customer base that seeks out your dealership year round.

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