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SEO Friendly RV Ads – Double Whammy (in a Good Way) For Dealers …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on May 02, 2013

Fact … as soon as you start doing the right thing (with your RV ads), great results begin to grow – exponentially.  SEO Friendly RV Ads

Here’s why.

When an RV dealer improves their ads by making them …

  • More appealing to the consumer
  • More likely to get clicked on a Search Results Page (SRP)
  • More capable of COMPELLING the reader to respond (and become a lead),

… what also happens – at the same time – your SEO improves.

So, not only are you producing stronger pulling RV classified ads, but also, you are getting FOUND – a lot more frequently.

Ad Improvements = SEO Gains

Here are a couple of wins you’ll start to enjoy when you decide to improve your ads:

1.  Properly Categorizing All Your Units and Giving Complete Information

It’s surprising how many dealers either enter the wrong category for a unit or skip the category altogether.

This is a significant issue because our research suggests that a majority of the searches done for RVs on RVT INCLUDE the category i.e. the type of RV.

Consumers generally know if they’re looking for a Class A Diesel or a Toy Hauler.  They know what they want, and that’s what they search for.  If you incorrectly categorize one or more of your units, you simply will not be found.  Simple error.  Big loss.

ACTION THIS:  Clearly reiterate the importance of compete information with your Internet department.

2.  The Length of Your Description – More is Better

Consumers respond best to a …

  • Truthful
  • Well written
  • Clear
  • Original and
  • Complete explanation of what the unit is.

Too little information in your description and the buyer has too little information to stimulate response.  No response, no lead, no sale.

We advise roughly 200 words of copy – and not words you repeat in every ad.  Takes work?  Yes.  But the side benefit is that Search Engines are big on “original content.”  When your content is “thin” your rankings go down.  But, with great ads, the more shares / saves / likes / bookmarks etc. your ads get, the higher they’ll rank.

3.  Quality Pics and Videos

You sell RVs when people spend time on your ads.  Great pics and videos hold people on your ads.  Awesome, you win!  But that’s not all …

Regarding quality photos:  RVT automatically puts what Search Engines call an “alt tag” to your first image.  This “alt tag” is picked up by Google for image results and can improve your rankings.

Alt tags look like this:  <img alt=”2006 Trail-Lite Trail Cruiser 19RDB” width=”400″ src=”photos2/1310/5281310/5281310_1.jpg”>

That’s machine language for “rank me higher!”

Regarding videos:  Let me ask you this:  Who owns YouTube? … wait for it … Google!  So, not only will videos get you 46% more leads instantly, but also, you’ll get more “share” of the much coveted results pages.  And, when you have more share, this potentially pushes others lower and lower down the list.

It’s like an exponential benefit to you … Doing a great job on your RV ads really gets you noticed – not only by purchasers – but also in search as well!


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Author: Shawn Friesen

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