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Selling Contests that Reward Your Salesperson’s Family Spark Sales

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Apr 19, 2012

The more emotional punch a sales contest has, the more effective it will be in motivating your RV dealership sales team. Business guru Geoffrey James, author of Sales Force, said in a 2010 article on CBS Money Watch that people are motivated not by money or prizes, but by the positive emotions they feel when they win. “The stronger the emotion; the more the motivation.”

An effective way to intensify the positive emotions generated by the achievement of a sales goal — and thereby increase motivation – is to extend the reward to the salesperson’s family. Succeeding for the family’s benefit is a powerful motivator. Interestingly, tangible rewards are more effective than money. A night on the town with a limousine ride to an elegant restaurant is more motivating than an equivalent sum of money. Unique experiences like a limo escort ramp up excitement and increase motivation. The thought of giving their family a unique experience — imagining their spouse’s pleasure or children’s excitement when the limousine pulls up to their door with the neighbors watching — enhances the anticipation of claiming the prize, as well as the motivation to obtain it.

In planning sales contest rewards, you can limit expenses by prepaying the reward. Including limo transportation takes a reward from exciting to exceptional. Cap rental time and prepay the driver’s tip. (Be sure to tell your employee.) Offering free babysitting services by a certified nanny is another way to enhance rewards.

Some reward ideas:

  • Dinner at a gourmet restaurant
  • Concert, sports or theater tickets
  • Spa/massage gift certificate
  • Weekend getaway at a nearby resort

Contests should run for 30 to 60 days. Use charts to track daily achievement and spark friendly competition. Generate excitement with weekly progress announcements. To build team rapport, ask high-achievers to share sales tips and mentor slow sellers. Include the whole team in a small celebration to announce the winner. Create a motivational teaser for the next contest by sharing a few photos of the winner’s big night with your sales staff.

Author: Shawn Friesen

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