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Posted by industryblogger on Aug 10, 2011

Most website visitors spend only 56 seconds looking at a webpage, according to 2009 Nielson statistics. A 2009 Google eye-tracking study reported in the February 6, 2009 Google Blog post revealed that during those 56 seconds, people do not “read” a webpage the same way they read a book; they scan it, actually focusing on and reading only 20% of what they see. Beginning at the upper left corner, website visitors scan horizontally across a page from left to right. Scanning continues down the page in an F-shaped pattern, the horizontal scan growing shorter and less intense as the eye moves down the page. However, few people actually reach the bottom of a webpage. As soon as something catches their eye, they click away to a new webpage.

There are more than 46,000 new and used RVs for sale on Given what we know about website visitor behavior, the big question RV dealers must answer is: How do you get a site visitor to notice, stop and click on your RV listings? There are 3 things that make an online RV ad stand out from the other ads on a webpage: position, color and photos.

Position. The best place to position an RV classified ad is where site visitors focus their greatest concentration: the top quarter of the webpage along the top bar of the reading “F.” Adding the Homepage Featured option to your ad package positions your ad where it will receive the greatest attention from site visitors. Over 100,000 RV buyers and sellers that visited last month began his site visit on RVT’s homepage. Homepage Featured ads are seen by every site visitor and are the very first ads visitors view, giving these ads a distinct homepage advantage. State/Province Featured ads appear in the same prime position on each state and province landing page, providing a similar advantage when site visitors search for RVs in their home state. By becoming a Premier Dealer, you can make sure your ads pop up at the top of the results page when buyers search for RVs in your state.

Color. The human eye is drawn to color. As the eye scans down a line of similar items, anything different stands out, attracting the eye. Color is the most potent eye magnet; and red, the most powerful attractor. Stop signs are painted red because red is the color that draws the human eye first and fastest. Adding Bold Search Results gives your RV dealership ads more muscle. A bold ad attracts attention, making your ads stand out from the competition. Adding Red Search Results ads the power and energy of bold, red type to your dealership ads, delivering a one-two punch that knocks out the competition.

Photos. Humans are visual beings. There is truth to the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true when you’re selling to long-distance buyers. RV buyers want to see what they’re buying. A photograph conveys in a single glance what can only be inexpertly described with words. Vehicle condition, furnishings, d├ęcor, room layout, ambience, size and proportion are instantly understood when a potential RV buyer views a photo display. Choosing to Add Additional Photos to your ad package gives buyers the vital information they want about a particular vehicle and are proven to sell RVs fastest.

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