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RVT Mobile Apps Position Dealers to Capitalize on Mobile Trend

Posted by industryblogger on Sep 21, 2011

Nearly 100 million Americans, a quarter of the U.S. population, have gone mobile. Two in 5 of those mobile users regularly access the internet while they are on the move, 38% from smartphones. By 2015, internet marketing analyst eMarketer predicts that more than half of the U.S. population will be using smartphones as their primary form of communication with 3 in 5 smartphone users regularly conducting business over the mobile internet.

Double-digit growth in the number of smartphone users — up 49% this year — is predicted by eMarketer to continue through 2015 and most likely beyond. (eMarketer’s current prediction cycle stops at 2015.) Coupled with the fast-paced upgrading of mobile networks by competing mobile communication giants AT&T and Verizon — according to Time magazine each has spent $30 billion on network upgrades since 2009 — market analysts see a rapidly-growing trend toward a mobile lifestyle.

Already comfortable with online shopping, banking and business transactions, American consumers have been quick to embrace the advantages and convenience of mobile communication. Current trends place the U.S. on track to become an all-mobile community before 2020. RVT mobile apps for iPhone and iPad apps keep RV dealers abreast of current trends and position RV dealers to capitalize on changing communication and shopping habits to sell more RVs.

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