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RV Dealers and RV Industry vs Craigslist: Comparing Online RV Sales Sites

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 11, 2011

When reader Zeth W. asked, “what makes RVT better than Craigs List?” we started comparing the benefits of advertising your RV for sale on against trying to sell it on Craigslist. In our February 9 post comparing online RV classified ad websites, we noted that both and Craigslist post classified RV ads, but only is dedicated exclusively to RV sales and draws only motivated RV buyers. Last month alone, RV shoppers initiated more than 1 million vehicle searches on Our comparison also revealed that, while both sites offer free ads, only displays a thumbnail photo of your RV with your ad, making it easier for shoppers to target and open ads. Today, we our comparison between and Craigslist continues: 

3. On, FREE Basic RV ads run for 3 weeks with extended ad runs, including our popular “Runs Until Sold,” available at very inexpensive rates (around 50 cents per day for a 6- or 12-week ad run). On Craigslist, all ads expire in just 7 days. If your RV hasn’t sold, you have to slog through Craigslist’s posting procedure every week.

4. Both and Craigslist allow RV sellers to post photos with their classified RV ads, but only allows you to post a video tour of your RV. The hot new thing in online advertising, video ads result in faster sales.’s multiple search features and social media promotion offer RV sellers additional benefits not found on Craigslist. More on that next week.

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  1. Zeth Watts

    All of that is right except the 7 day posting period for Craigs List. Craigs List told me a 45 day posting period.

  2. Shawn Friesen - Director of

    There’s some merit to that, however, the average selling time for an RV can be up in the 120+ days range, depending on the type – eg. Class A diesels typically take longer to sell. Just because the listing has been there a long time, doesn’t necessarily make it any less relevant to the RV shopper. Granted, some listings are no longer valid, and we have systems in place to remove those. Also new features coming soon to highlight NEW listings, and RECENTLY updated.

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