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RV Dealers: Want More Leads? Delivers!

Posted by industryblogger on Nov 05, 2010

Converting sales leads into paid sales is the name of the game for RV dealers. The challenge is developing RV sales leads with a high-volume conversion rate. RV dealers who advertise their new and used RV inventory on do so because they know excels at generating high-quality sales leads that deliver sales.

Through the end of October, has already generated more than 50 thousand high-quality sales leads this year. Just take a look at our monthly lead count stats:

5,748 – January
5,689 – February
6,264 – March
6,450 – April
5,666 – May
4,608 – June
4,976 – July
5,869 – August
4,724 – September
4,445 – October

When deciding which online classified ad website to use to advertise your RV dealership inventory, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Some online RV sales websites use raw data when posting lead generation statistics. Because raw numbers include a fair amount of useless spam contacts, use of raw data can give an inflated impression of the actual number of useful sales┬áleads the site generates. Lead generation statistics provided by are adjusted to exclude useless spam, giving RV dealerships a true picture of the number of quality sales leads RVT generates.

Author: industryblogger


  1. Dick

    These are pretty good stats, wish I would have known about you before I paid RV Trader Online to list my 5th wheel. It finally did sell through them so I shouldn’t complain too loudly but I am glad I found you so that I can put a link to your site on my blog

  2. RV Pro

    That would be great, and keep us in mind next time you’re selling (or buying), we’d love to help you out.

  3. RV Pro

    Keep in mind, these are only EMAIL leads. There are Thousands more, per month, that come in via PHONE calls.

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