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RV Dealers Take Aim at Sheconomy

Posted by industryblogger on Dec 06, 2010

The post-recession economy has had an interesting effect on family spending, shifting buying power toward women. Dubbed the rise of the Sheconomy in the November 22, 2010 issue of  Time magazine, women are increasingly taking the lead in making major family financial decisions. To capitalize on the economic shift, forward-thinking RV dealers are beginning to design new marketing campaigns aimed at women.

While women have traditionally been responsible for family purchasing decisions in the areas of health care, food, clothing and housewares; they are increasingly pushing their way onto traditionally male turf, making spending decisions about vehicles, vehicle maintenance and electronics. Particularly in homes where the wife is the major breadwinner, the decision to purchase an RV and the choice of RV model and features is being driven by the wife.

The dramatic change in purchasing power from male to female is a direct result of recession-driven changes in the job market. Male-oriented jobs took a much bigger hit than jobs usually held by women when layoffs and closings occurred. Fewer women lost their jobs than men, making the wife the primary earner in many families and significantly increasing her financial power. While family financial power is split evenly when husbands bring home the bacon, women make twice as many decisions as men when the wife is the primary provider.

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