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RV Dealers: Is It Time to Update Your Website?

Posted by industryblogger on Oct 08, 2010

If  you are a forward-thinking RV dealer, you were probably among the first to recognize the value of creating an Internet presence to attract RV buyers. Internet-savvy RV dealers know they can expand their market reach nationwide, thus maximizing their potential buyer pool, by listing their new and used RV inventory online.

The marketing advantages of having an online presence have enticed many RV dealers to create a dealership website. Unfortunately, the speed of computer and Internet development has spurred vast changes not only in available website features and analytics, but in the way potential customers interact with websites. That slick and polished website you created just a couple of years ago; today, looks and moves like a dinosaur!

As RV dealers know, appearance is a major factor in sales. A website that looks current and offers the latest bells and whistles is going to attract far more RV buyers. But attracting potential buyers is just one of the reasons to update your website. Many of the new features currently being built into websites not only build traffic, they track and summarize important statistics that enable RV dealers to better target their prime buyer markets — and that increases sales!

If your RV dealership website is looking a little dated, the website experts at can bring it back up to speed. RVT offers excellent website development and hosting services at affordable prices.

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  1. Buck Spear

    I agree that dealerships should improve their websites. As an RV buyer, some websites can be frustrating to work with for either one or both of the reasons mentioned below:
    1. Some major dealerships with multiple listings of a certain product (IE: American Coach Eagle) don’t list the actual model number of the Eagle. So if you’re interested in a certain floorplan, you have to go through all the listings in hopes of finding it.
    2. It would be nice if some dealers would be more forthcoming with their prices by listing at least their MSRP in the listing rather than just putting “Contact Seller”. I realize the MSRP doesn’t really mean all that much when shopping for an RV. But if you’re shopping for a particular RV, having at least the MSRP will give the potential buyer another tool when comparing various models on your short list.

  2. gerald kallstrom

    i look for handcap moterhome that is about 30ft and 50000 miles and 45ooo.oo dollart0 50,000.00

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