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RV Dealers: Harness the Power of Twitter

Posted by industryblogger on Oct 20, 2010

Twitter has given communication a hearty shove, pushing it into even higher gear, impossible though that may seem in our already frenetically-paced world. The immediacy of Twitter has changed RV customer expectations, shortening the anticipated time between customer query and dealer response to nearly zero. While this can be nerve-wracking at first, learning to harness the power of Twitter is a fast way to build RV dealership brand recognition, expand your RV customer base and cement customer loyalty.

RVT’s exceptional RV Dealership Advertising Program gives RV dealers instant access to Twitter power. Not only do we send out daily tweets to call attention to the classified RV ads listed on, we make it possible for consumers to access dealership inventory on Twitter. RVT’s online marketing experts offer these tips on using Twitter to promote your RV dealership:

Advise customers of special dealer or manufacturer sales.

Alert customers to early openings or closings and holiday hours.

Remind RV owners when it’s time to schedule service.

Create customer loyalty, by checking in after purchase or service.

Share your expertise by inviting questions and tweeting quick responses.

Expand customer interest in RVs by tweeting about RV events, clubs, products, travel destinations

Cultivate sales by establishing interactive rapport with customers. Ask about preferences and tweet appropriate RV model and price information.

Foster customer loyalty by becoming “go to” dealer for RV questions and advice.

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