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RV Dealers: 2 Core Traits Translate into High Sales

Posted by industryblogger on Nov 26, 2010

In any field, well-trained people can get the job done, but there are always a few who have some special quality that makes them exceptional achievers. Nowhere is this more true than in RV sales. Sales skills and RV knowledge can be taught, as every RV dealer knows, but individuals who have a special talent for sales will quickly rise to the top of your sales team.

Natural-born salespeople have two gifts that set them apart from their peers:  the ability to empathize with the customer and the drive to close the deal.

Without apparent effort, these super salespeople are able to establish an almost instant rapport and bond with RV shoppers. They seem able to quickly discern what the RV buyer is looking for and guide him to the motorhome or travel trailer that best fits his needs. Creating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that immediately puts the buyer at ease makes the sales conversation more of a friendly chat with a good buddy than a high-pressured sales pitch. Impressed RV shoppers don’t merely want to buy an RV, they want to buy an RV from your super salesperson.

Without the drive to close sales, however, a salesperson’s ability to emphasize with the customer is just so much window dressing. Super salespeople are able to nudge potential RV buyers from just looking to buy without making the shopper feel pressured. It’s a one-two punch that drives up dealership sales.

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