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RV Dealer Tips for Developing Loyal Customers

Posted by industryblogger on May 09, 2011

High interest in RV travel means more potential customers are visiting RV dealership showrooms and checking out dealership inventories online. It also ramps up competition. Turning lookers into buyers and buyers into loyal customers is still based on core salesmanship values:

1. Inventory,

2. Product expertise,

3. Atmosphere, and

4. Customer service

However, changes in consumer buying practices — especially the shift to mobile shopping and the introduction of the Facebook marketplace — are forcing RV dealers to change their sales strategies.

Inventory. Obviously, RV dealers have to offer what RV buyers are looking for, but your inventory also has to be where buyers will see it. In today’s wired marketplace, that means RV dealerships need a highly visible web presence. A well-constructed and easy-to-navigate dealership website is a great start, but it’s no longer enough.

Listing your RV inventory on a dedicated online RV classified ads site that draws thousands of visitors every day increases your exposure to RV shoppers, thereby increasing sales opportunities. It’s important to choose your online ad partner wisely. Look for a site that is quick to position itself and its customers to take advantage of new technology., for example, is well positioned on Facebook, uses Twitter to draw attention to its website and offers free  iPhone and iPad mobile apps. RVT puts your dealership’s RV ads where buyers are spending the most time — Facebook and smartphones.

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