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RV Buyer Leads – How To Get Leads & How To Sell ‘Em …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 23, 2012

Why, OH why, does there always have to be 2 completely different “schools of thought” on such killer important stuff?

Take, for example, how to generate RV buyer leads when you’re marketing a huge parking lot full of RVs.  Row upon row of beautiful RVs – just sitting there – and YOU’re the person paying interest on all that inventory!

There’s (always!) a couple of different ways you can go … if you really, really WANT to get ’em sold!

Sure, you can go your own route – you can shell-out, buck-up and generally “pay-thru-the-nose” for expensive display ads, or you can pick up a special “booking incentive” on an odd bundle of radio ads … or, hey … I wonder if any of those highway billboards have opened up for lease yet?

But, the cost!  Did anybody mention the cost?!  And, that’s only reaching your local population!

Interestingly, some Dealers have yet to fully appreciate how today’s consumers research and actually PURCHASE RVs.  Feel free to check out this short, informative video.  It reveals some of our findings about RV “researching and buying patterns.”  Includes both motor homes and towables.

At, we’re constantly learning about how consumers search for and purchase RVs.  (Don’t forget we see roughly 500,000 consumers/mo. come and search for RVs and a lot of them inquire about buying i.e. they become active leads.)  To understand more about RV buying habits, feel free to view the quick video on the right.

NOTE:  At the end of the video, if you are not currently enjoying a steady flow of qualified leads, an interesting offer is presented.  See what you think. For more info complete the form below., or our Dealer Insight eNewsletter, you’ll be right there with us, looking over our shoulder, as we explore the ins & outs of …

RV Buyer Leads & How Best To Sell Them

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing over the months to come.  Topics like:

  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Follow-Up:  Tactics That Work
  • Bringing “Value” to Every Lead You Handle
  • How To Create an RV Lot Visitor From a Web Lead
  • Managing Your Leads Thru the Entire RV Buying Cycle
  • Lead Handling Best Practices
  • And, more …

We’re looking forward to enjoying the journey with you and other RV sales professionals in the community!


Author: Shawn Friesen


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