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Power Words That Move RV Buyers To Call You …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Sep 18, 2013

At, we’re passionate about giving you strategies to craft your RV ads so they’re both eye-catching and also hyper effective at generating quality leads.

Stand-out ads are “put together” with the right choice of words.  It’s what can make an RV buyer “chomp at the bit” to contact you.

The Words You Choose Make All the Difference!  

For more leads, write some color into your listings!

For more leads, write some color into your listings!

Word selection is the difference between someone simply learning the facts about your RV and someone who envisions himself perched in the captain’s chair as he rolls through the Blue Ridge Mountains, seeking solace from the city he’s left behind!

Descriptive language in your RV listings – does not – only – let your buyer know the dining space easily seats 6.  It can speak to a buyer’s desire to be comfortable in their new home away from home.

Well-chosen words will paint a picture on the canvas of the reader’s mind.

Do this:

If your working hours are spent on an RV lot, then you are already attuned to many aspects of what customers want out of their RV living.  Start there.

Or, maybe you yourself are an avid RVer.  What moves YOU about the RV lifestyle?  Jot down some of the emotions you feel when you think about hitting the road, on a new adventure as you navigate your way across this great land.  Freedom?  Joy?  Excitement?

If You Need a Little Help …

Here are some phrases and wordings that might …

  • Get those creative juices flowing.
  • Give you a “leg up” into writing compelling RV ads that really make your phone ring.

Use This As Your Mini “Cheat Sheet!”

Consider using some of the phrases below as you develop your next batch of RV ads.  (Yes, cutting & pasting from here is allowed!)

Phrases to Evoke the Travel “Bug”:

Awaken to adventure

Roll through the quiet country-side

There’s so much more to discover

Adventure awaits … are you packed?

Unleash your inner wild

Wherever you want to go, your RV is ready

The road is open. Your RV is waiting.

Home is where ever you are.

Family fun you won’t find in the suburbs

Take time to stop and smell the roses in your new RV

Mountains?  Desert?  Beach?  Forest?  Yes!

Phrases That Help Convey Features About the RV:

The 500 HP Cummins diesel engine has the moxy to pull …

Tackle the steepest mountain passes with confidence with the 500 HP Cummins turbo diesel …

15 overhead cupboards ensure you have enough storage space for those things you just can’t leave home without.

With sleeping room for 8, your kids can each bring a friend to keep them busy while you relax.

The kitchen has an oven and a microwave so you can cook gourmet tapas or pop some microwave popcorn for your evening movie.

Thick, 8-inch luxury mattress on the master queen bed will give you a deep, restful night’s sleep.

When your adventure gets you muddy, you can clean-up using the outdoor shower.

Find refuge under the 8’ x 25’ awning.  Bring your own lemonade!

Easy enough to handle, let your wife drive while you have a nap!

Need More Help Making Your Ads Sizzle? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more where this came from!  Visit RVT at the RVDA Convention in Las Vegas.

The ‘RV Classified Ads “Hack” – A Cheat Sheet to Help You Create Winning RV Ads.’

Request it at our booth, # 207, or at our Proprietary Workshop …

“Generate More Sales By Improving Your RV Listings.” 

RIO Suites, Las Vegas

Monday, Sept. 30, 2013

3:30 to 4:45 PM in the Brasilia Room.

Your ‘RV Classified Ads “Hack”’ will include a full-blown list of RV Lifestyle wordings and effective RV classified “calls-to-action.”  So, be sure to ask for yours!

Not coming to the Show in Vegas?  No problem.  Let me know and I’ll send you one after the Show!

Better ads bring more leads, which bring more sales.  And, ultimately, that gets more RVers on the roads, which is something we can all get excited about!

We’d love to hear some of your lead winning phrases that bring the RV lifestyle to life for your potential buyers.  Leave a comment below.

Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. Kymee Martinak

    Another great one Chris.

  2. dave brown

    The truth is we are RV dealers not writers and we must work hard at creating good ADs….and we must do it over and over—that being said we appreciate anything that will make us more effective…Thanks for your assistance…

  3. Chris Mapson

    I hear you, Dan! I certainly don’t envy the volume of ads a dealer has to create! That’s exactly why we pulled together the new “RV Classified Ads Hack.” We’ll be emailing it out to dealers who request it after the Show in Vegas.

    You’ll probably get a lot of use out of it. “The Hack” is full of scores and scores of different compelling words and RV lifestyle phrases plus some great calls-to-action as well.

    You can use it as a springboard for creativity when you cut & paste (or massage and tinker with) the ideas allowing you to quickly build more effective ads. Hopefully it will make it a little easier to build ads that inspire families to – ahem – quit shopping and pick up the phone and give you a call!

    I’ll add you to the list and make sure you receive this handy digital file after Vegas!

    Thanks again Dave,


  4. Jerry Knight

    I really enjoyed this article. I am a Sales Professional for the largest retailer of RVs in the US. Marketing and Advertising, on a large scale, is provided by our Marketing Dept and Business Development Center. In this article, you mention the “RV Classified Ads Hack”. How would I obtain a copy of “The Hack”? On an individual level, I plan to implement some of these Phrases in my E-blasts and follow up letters/emails to my customer base. I am excited to see what happens! I will let you know how it works.


    Jerry Knight

  5. Chris Mapson

    Hi Jerry:

    Yes, I think you could do really well “cutting and pasting” some of the phrases and calls-to-action directly into your e-blasts. Can’t wait to watch and hear how it works for you! 😉

    I will email you’s RV Classified Ads HACK right away in a WORD document so it is easy for you to “borrow” and leverage any of the RV lifestyle wording and CTA tactics you like.

    Thanks and please keep me posted!


  6. Andy Whiting

    Hi Chris,

    We’re an RV Dealer in Ontario Canada and I really enjoyed this article. Really appreciate it if you would. Send me a copy of the Ad Hack you’re offering.

    Thanks! Andy

  7. Chris Mapson

    Thanks for requesting RVT’s RV Classified Ads HACK!

    It’s on it’s way to you now. Let me know your thoughts when you’ve had a chance to “cut & paste” a few wordings and calls-to-action directly into your RV classifieds.



  8. Carmen Leal

    We’re a small dealership in the middle of California. I would love (and really need!) to have the help you offered with the ‘RV Classified Ads “Hack.” Please send me a copy, help our ads go from “fizzle” to “sizzle!” Thank you:)

  9. Chris Mapson

    Carmen! Thanks for requesting the RV Classified Ads HACK! It’s on its way to you now. Enjoy!


  10. Scott Jones

    This sort of content is what makes RVT stand out from RV ad sites. Could you please send me a copy of this in a word document so I can use it when making up ad’s.

  11. Chris Mapson

    Scott: Sure will.

    In my experience, your lead volumes will increase when you sprinkle RV lifestyle language in amongst the features of each RV. Additionally, calls-to-action truly DO drive those actions dealers need: more walk-ins, more phone-ins and more Internet leads.

    Hope you enjoy the RV Classified Ads HACK! Thanks for requesting it. Always glad to help a dealer build better listings, so they generate more leads and sell more RVs!

    Chris Mapson,

  12. Sam

    I write product descriptions for 10 different RV dealerships. Would LOVE a copy of this!

  13. Chris Mapson

    On it’s way Sam!

    Let me know if it helps you crank out stronger pulling RV listing descriptions!


  14. Jordan

    Hello Chris,

    This is some great content! Would love to receive a copy of that RV classified Ads HACK!
    I am always looking for more info on how to write better ads and give better descriptions that captivate the attention of potential prospects.



  15. Chris Mapson

    Hi Jordan:

    Will email you the HACK right away!

    Hey, I looked at your website. Very nice! You are doing a great job at creating your listings! Great 360 vid’s, great photos, lots of CTA’s in your descriptions. Fab! How do you like the WordPress site?

    I noticed you have a few gorgeous mid-2000’s units that might do really well when presented to buyers nation-wide.

    Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set up up with a no-cost trial of our National Search Featured Listings upgrade.

    This will put your units at the top of Search Results on RVT for buyers nation-wide. Up to you, no pressure. Let me know if you want to try it out, see if it gets your phone ringing even more!

    RV Classified Ads HACK is on it’s way to you! 😉

    Thanks again,


  16. Maria

    We are trying to sell our RV, can you send me your cheat sheet
    RV Classified Ads “Hack” – A Cheat Sheet to Help You Create Winning RV Ads

    We could really use it!


  17. Chris Mapson

    Hi Maria:

    I have sent you a copy of the RV Classified Ads Hack.

    Research shows that serious buyers read virtually every word in the Description of a Classified Listing, so your Description and your wordings are quite important.

    The way you word your Listing can mean the difference between a quick and profitable sale and a slower, less effective process.

    Potentially thousands of buyers are going to open up your Listing, look at the photos of your RV and read through how you’ve described it. Will yours be a Listing that compels more buyers (as opposed to less buyers) to get in touch with you?

    All the best making good use out of the RV Classified Ads Hack!


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