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Nice Web Lead! Here’s How to Leave a Voicemail that Gets a Call-Back …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Nov 09, 2012

So a web lead comes in … or … your Receptionist gives you a message that a prospect called.  

Exciting!  You got a live one!

There are a number of approaches you can take, but, if you’re in the game to win, test out some of these ideas …

——– Sales Manager’s SIDEBAR ——–

NOTE to Sales Managers:  When excellent Sales Reps leave a lot of voicemails, it can become a bit like a treadmill.  Repetitive.  Tough to be creative / fresh & alive to each prospective buyer.

So, there are 2 schools of thought:

1.  Stick to the drill.  We didn’t hire you to be creative.  This is how you leave a voicemail.  Why?  Because it works.

But, while “proven” routine approaches that work will be fine for new hires and for a time, in my experience … real revenue gains and stellar growth happen when excellent Reps are trained and encouraged to:

2.  Mix it up a bit, get out of the box, experiment some, re-invigorate and enliven their approaches to sales functions like leaving a great voicemail.

This can be exactly what’s needed to bring breakthrough, breakthrough to the next level in sales achievement.

It’s always strong to have open dialogue and discuss routine functions like leaving more effective voice mails with your Sales Team.

Small percentage gains in the number of calls that get returned will cumulate – into huge dollars – over the course of a year (or career.)

——– End SIDEBAR ——–

Now, IF you’ve been fast at responding to your lead – we’ve talked about FAST before – hopefully you get through.  If not …

Welcome to Voicemail Heaven …

Think:  Will my voicemail stand out against … any & all … other voicemails they may be listening to at the very same time?

Shift your thinking:  before you leave your message.  This is your edge and will help you create a voicemail that rises head & shoulders above your competitors’.

This first message establishes you.  (Remember, “people buy people.”)  And, it establishes your dealership – your crucial differentiator for later when you’re sealing the deal.

The Basics:  Which Voicemail Would You Rather Respond To?

Voicemail A:

  • Gets attention
  • Sparks interest
  • Provides a compelling reason to get back to you
  • States a clear benefit

Or …

Voicemail B:  Mechanical, uninteresting, non-compelling.

Decide here and now, that YOU will not be guilty of leaving Voicemail B‘s.

More Voicemail Moxie:  

  •  Attitude adjustment.  Bothering vs. helping.  Don’t approach your call as if the prospect is going to feel bothered.  Think “helping.”  Then, go ahead and BE genuinely helpful.
  • Stand up when leaving a voicemail.  Brings great energy.
  • Smile.  Did you know you can actually “hear” a smile?  Try it.
  • Stick to the purpose of your call – to get a call back or to schedule an appointment.  Ask directly for what you want.
  • 1 topic, no more
  • Manage your tone, it’s your non-verbal communications tool
  • Enunciate.
  • Be brief, professional, likable.
  • Lots of people automatically reach for their delete button when unfamiliar voices end up in their voicemail box.  Let them know you’re not a solicitor or telemarketer:
    • “Hello, Tim – wait! Before you delete this, it’s just Al Fraser from Made-in-the-Shade RV Center calling to follow up on your inquiry.  Looks like we missed each other.  That Gulf Stream you contacted me about is still available if you’re still interested … And, that unit has a really interesting history to it!  etc.”
  • Repeat your phone number twice.  Speak each number more slowly than you would in normal conversation.  Give your listener a fighting chance at writing it down.
  • Don’t waste time with “Hi, how are you? Hope you’re doing great in this nice weather…”  Get to the benefit statement quickly.
  • Give a reason (not just a request) for your lead to respond.
  • Don’t tell them everything about the vehicle –  your entire voicemail should wrap in 9 – 30 seconds.

Leaving effective voicemails is another important weapon in the war to win more sales.

Who do you know that’s great at stirring up call-backs?  What seems to be his / her secret?

Author: Shawn Friesen

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