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“Next Level” RV Classifieds – How To Inspire More Buyers To Call You …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Sep 11, 2013

The goal of every RV classified ad should be to make the phone ring – or to inspire an email inquiry – or have someone walk onto your lot.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to review THOUSANDS of RV classifieds and have found some common practices of dealerships that are consistently reporting excellent lead generation results from their listings.

Before you start building an RV classified, remember this:  a listing has the ability to attract or repel.

SHIFT – Your Thinking …

Consider your ads as representative of your showroom – a lot.  Now ask yourself, would your customers stick around if they felt pressured by that “guy in the plaid jacket?”

Of course not.

Same thing applies to your RV listings.  Ad content like for example,

  • ALL BLOCK CAP descriptions.  Or,
  • Tacky calls-to-action like “CALL STEVE NOW!!!!!”

Customers run from over-the-top sales-y behavior in the showroom – and they run from it in ads you’re publishing too!

Just as you insist that your sales reps to be respectful and extremely helpful; your ads should set the same tone.

Talk To The RV Shopper

You want RV shoppers who look at your ads to respond.  Make it easy for them.  And, give them good REASONS to call, email or stop in for a visit.

First and foremost, the ad should tell buyers about the unit you’re advertising.  Then, highlight some of the more important FEATURES – and turn them into BENEFITS.

Features Tell.  Benefits Sell.

EXAMPLE:  You’re advertising a pre-owned low mileage RV?

  1. Do the unit justice in your description.
  2. Point out the low mileage.
  3. Highlight the benefits of low mileage (break in period is over, still has warranty, lots of years of smooth operation left in it, super clean, etc.)
  4. And, invite your reader to call and schedule a viewing and test drive.

Another “Next Level” Tip You May Not Have Tried …

Are You Holding Some Sort of Sale – or event?

If so, MENTION it in your RV classifieds.  You may have caught the reader’s eye with the ad for this unit, but maybe it’s not quite what they want.

After the benefits and features of the unit, announce your “Summer Spectacular,” “Year End Blowout,” “Free Winterizing Package with Every Purchase Before Oct. 31” or whatever your promo of the season is.

Watch your lot traffic bump up when you include your promotions in your RV classifieds.  This requires extra effort – getting your promotions into your ad descriptions – but it reaps amazing results.

Here’s Another Trick That Brings an Increase in Leads and Phone Calls:  blurbage

One savvy dealer recently started including a little “blurb” at the bottom of every one of their ads.  This standard blurb talks about

  • The hours the dealership is open
  • Mentions their phone # and email address
  • Stresses their commitment to customer satisfaction
  • And, even includes a testimonial from a happy customer!


The dealership tracked their leads before & after adding this standard “blurb” to each of their 60+ RV classifieds and they have confirmed,

leads from our Website and phone calls are both up significantly” since adding this tactic.

It’s worth a try, for sure.

Do You Offer Financing?

Mention THAT in every ad.  As you know, financing is an important part of almost every RV buying decision. If they know it’s available, and you have attractive packages, it might be the tipping factor to get them onto the lot.

Your RV Classifieds Are A Mini Showroom. 

Sell The Dealership Every Chance You Get!

Sure, the listing has to feature one unit, but you can use space in the description to promote your dealership.

  • What sets your dealership apart?
  • What’s so great about buying an RV from you?
  • Why should I?

Tell your (hundreds of) ad browsers why.

Make sure you include “sell the dealership” statements in every ad.  It’s a great way to boost your branding and name recognition.  After a browser has seen a few of your ads, they’ll have a positive feeling about your dealership even if they’ve never been there.

Of course, these “next level” lead generation tips don’t replace what we’ve been teaching all along:

  • Lots of pictures
  • Videos
  • Warm, benefit-laden descriptions that share the RV lifestyle
  • And, all the other elements.

They simply enhance the great improvements you’re already making to your ads.

What do YOU think?

Have you given any thought to adding some of these ideas? Or are you already using some?

I welcome your feedback and would love to hear your experiences! Please comment below.

Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. Kymee Martinak

    Another great one my friend. I hope the dealers are reading these because as a buyer, they are right on point.

    Have a great one ;o)

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