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New Social Media Sites to Watch in 2012

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Mar 30, 2012

Nearly a quarter of the time Americans spend on the internet is spent on social networks. According to a 2011 Nielsen report on social media, Americans spend more time on social networks than on email, instant messaging, portals, current events and news sites combined. Social networks have become the foremost platform for communicating and sharing information. Facebook commandeers the bulk of consumers’ social network attention — 6 to 7 hours per month — but there are several promising new social media sites that RV dealers should keep an eye on:

Pinterest. A digital bulletin board that is generating phenomenal traffic, Pinterest allows users to snag and post photos on thematic image boards they create. Pinterest has become such a hot way to build demand for new products that mega-retailers Lowe’s and Macy’s have created boards featuring their own branded products. Pinterest offers a novel way for RV dealers to showcase new features and cool accessories. Jump in by creating a “Dream RV” board. A word of caution: Pinterest users pin images from internet sites without permission which has generated copyright concerns, although the site does automatically track images back to their origin. Avoid the copyright quagmire by only pinning images you own.

Google+. This Facebook wannabe hasn’t caught on with users yet, but creating a Google+ profile is highly recommended (see our previous post). Because Google+ profiles are favored in Google’s organic search results, creating one can give your RV dealership an instant ranking boost.

Tumblr. A free site that’s generating strong activity, Tumblr is a group blogging platform that features micro-blogs with a heavy emphasis on photos. Easy integration with other social sites and copious reblogging have made Tumblr popular, but it fails to provide the search engine placement of WordPress and Blogger. It’s all icing; no cake.

Quora. While not new, Quora is enjoying a burst of popularity that makes it worth watching. An Encyclopedia Britannica version of WikiAnswers, users subscribe to Q&A boards on specific topics that provide a forum for exchanging expert information.

Author: Shawn Friesen

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