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New Lead Source From RVT a Strong “Opportunity” for Dealers …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jun 26, 2013

Some dealers tell us it’s getting more and more difficult to find good, clean, used RVs they can add to their inventory and earn a decent margin on.

So, we created a new program.  It works like this:  Whenever a private individual lists an RV for sale on, we ask them if they would like to: FISBO

  • Sell
  • Trade or
  • Consign their unit to a local dealer in their area.

If the private seller indicates, “Yes, I’d like to hear from dealers in my area,” we then email the 3 closest dealers and ask them to get in touch with this private seller for potential purchase or trade.

And, It’s Getting a Great Response!

We’re receiving about 100 requests a week from private sellers asking us to have dealers contact them.  That means we’re sending out roughly 300 emails per week to dealers.

Opportunity’s knocking!

Keep a close eye on your email. There may be a private seller near you who wants to be contacted!

Here’s what these emails look like:

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.

They have a photo of the unit and a link to the private seller’s ad, plus, full contact information so it’s easy for you to approach them.

ACTION ITEM:  Please make your Internet Sales Staff aware of these emails.

They may not start out looking like leads but these emails ARE actual leads, so they’re of great potential value to RVT dealers.

For example, when you call the owner, find out WHY they’re selling.  This will give you several key pieces of information:

  • Perhaps they just want out and they are in no hurry.  (No problem.  “Next.”)
  • Maybe they desperately NEED to sell.  (Perfect.)
  • Sometimes they are really ill equipped to handle an influx of buyers calling and would probably have a lot of difficulty trying to sell the unit.  (Even better.)
  • Perhaps they have their minds set on upgrading to a little newer, bigger, better RV – YOU sell it to them & take theirs in on trade!  (Ideal.)

There are so many scenarios why families want to sell RVs.  And, these “leads” have specifically asked RVT to ask YOU to call them.

You’ll want to handle these leads with care, attention and with speed.  This new and exciting source of leads for you could easily result in you making a sale and receiving a trade.  Win / win.

Over to You …

At RVT, we’re in the business of connecting RV buyers and RV sellers.  What ideas have you been thinking about that might help connect you with more (qualified) buyers?  Please let us know in the comments below.

Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. Deryle Jensen

    I was receiving these every couple of days, recently I don’t think I have got it sent to me, Why?

  2. Chris Mapson

    Hi Deryle:

    If you haven’t been receiving notices to contact private sellers who have asked for dealers in your area to contact them about selling / trading or consigning their RVs, it is probably just because there haven’t been any private sellers in your area who have requested that we should get dealers to call them.

    I’ve confirmed you (like all RVT dealers) are good to go with this program. You will be receiving notices to contact private sellers who are requesting help selling as these opportunities arise.

    You mention you have received these requests to call private sellers in the past. How many? Have you been successful by bringing any of these units into your inventory?

    Thank you,


  3. Earl Stoltzfus

    Hi Chris
    Great idea!
    Please email these leads to me and I will got them to the right people to follow up.

    Thank you


  4. Chris Mapson

    Hi Earl:

    Yes, I just confirmed you are in this program like all RVT dealers.

    Rest assured. Whenever any Private Sellers in your area list an RV for sale on on, they will be asked if they would like you to contact them. If they say yes, stand by, we will let you know immediately so you can contact them and discuss consigning their unit, buying it outright or taking it in on trade.

    It’s a great program, for sure. We wish you all the best in taking full advantage of it!

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