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Motorcoach One Joins Presidential Fleet

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 24, 2011

President Obama recently joined the ranks of the RV Nation when the Secret Service presented him with the latest addition to the presidential fleet, a $1.1 million luxury Prevost motorcoach. The company’s top-of-the-line model, the VIP H3-45 is a favorite with touring rock bands and Nashville stars, counting Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Kenny Rogers among its owners.

So new it hasn’t been given a nickname yet, Motorcoach One is sleek, shiny and black like The Beast, the President’s GM-built Cadillac limousine. Like The Beast, Motorcoach One is outfitted with armored doors, bullet-proof glass and state-of-the-art communication and security systems. According to news reports, the 45-foot motorcoach is also equipped with flat-screen TVs, couches, galley and bathroom but no bed.

In the past when Presidents have gone on bus tours or hit the campaign trail, the Secret Service has rented RVs, retrofitting them with necessary security and communications gear. After comparing costs, this time the Secret Service decided to invest in an RV that could be built to their specifications. While the  $1.1 million price tag of the President’s new ride isn’t cheap, the Secret Service expects to save money over the 10-year life of the vehicle.

The President has caught some flak from the press for not buying an American-made RV, but the Secret Service said the Prevost was the best match for its needs. The RV was ordered from the well-known American customizer Hemphill Brothers Coach in Tennessee which built and installed the custom interior into the Prevost shell.

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