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More Tips for Creating RV Dealer Banner Ads

Posted by industryblogger on Dec 28, 2011

Banner ads on are an effective way to call attention to your dealership, build brand recognition, and quickly direct RV shoppers to your inventory. Well-designed banner ads work. As RV shoppers scan down a page of classified listings, eye-catching banner ads break the flow of eye-movement and capture shoppers’ attention. When effectively designed, banner ads will drive RV shoppers to your website and your RV listings on

Using these tips (and the tips in our previous post) you can create effective RV banner ads for your dealership on

1. Use attention-getting words that focus on price and selection, the two top reasons RV buyers shop online. Words such as free, special offer, low prices, deep discount, markdown, incredible deals, biggest selection in (your state), and thousands of motorhomes generate RV shopper curiosity, enticing shoppers to check out your offer.

2. Leave lists of specific features to your website and online classified ads where you have more time and space to go into details about your RV dealership and the RVs you sell. Banner ads should elicit an emotional response from the buyer. Focus on the big picture benefits of RVing (freedom, family time, cheap travel, nature, etc.) by tapping into the RV “mystique.” Use photos to help RV shoppers visualize their life as RVers. For example, use a photo of a family setting off on a hike in the woods with their RV in the background to convey family togetherness.

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