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Media Has Gone Digital; How to Make It Work for You

Posted by industryblogger on May 28, 2012

The competitiveness of the RV industry demands that dealers embrace digital media and start making it work for them. The benefits to be gained from including digital media in your marketing program are substantial:

  • Digital media offers the opportunity to expand your sales reach to the farthest corners of the U.S. and Canada.
  • The popularity of internet information mining offers heretofore unavailable opportunities to tap new consumer markets.
  • Linking between digital applications builds brand awareness and increases targeted sales leads.
  • Digital media enables easy marketing segmentation, allowing marketing initiatives to be precisely targeted, increasing the number of convertible leads.
  • Sophisticated digital tracking tools allow RV professionals to allocate marketing resources to products that provide the greatest return on investment and to optimize marketing campaigns by adjusting resource allocation in real time.

If you want to maximize the benefits available from digital media, here is what you should be doing:

  • Create a mobile version of your website to attract the growing number of mobile users.
  • Reach more customers by shifting your RV classified and display advertising online. Target motivated shoppers by advertising on a site dedicated exclusively to RV sales.  Place online banner ads that show to exactly your audience.
  • Use and/or optimize a Google AdWords account to maximize search engine traffic to your inventory.
  • Start creating how-to and RV model walk-through videos on YouTube. Post them on your website with a link to your YouTube channel.
  • Regularly add high-value content — articles, newsletters, maintenance checklists, RV model reviews and comparisons — to your website to benefit customers.
  • Go where your customers are and embrace social media. Find out the form(s) of digital media your customers prefer, and establish your presence there.
  • To attract readers to your digital content, make sure you offer useful information and tips; not a running commercial.  Remember its ALL about your customer – their problems, interests, etc
  • Link everything to your website!

The key to making digital media work for your business is to inject YOU into the equation. Even if you team up with a digital media professional with proven experience in your industry, make yourself (values, knowledge, expertise, sense of humor etc) a part of what is published.


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