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Maintain Decent Margins By Building “Value Statements” Into RV Classifieds …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Apr 02, 2014

Not all purchases made are based solely on price alone.   Value

In fact, the highest margins happen where sellers can find – and then elicit inquiry from – those many buyers who are looking to buy an RV and who simply want to know they’re getting good value and not paying too much.

But how can an RV dealer do this?  

How can you “segment out” buyers who are not overly price sensitive and make MORE of them CALL you?

Let’s take a look.

It stands to reason that if you effectively reveal the strong value points of a particular unit inside your RV listing, then you’re giving buyers who are looking for good value the info they need … value-based info.

Seeing value statements is sometimes all it takes to give buyers “justification.”  Something all buyers need!  What’s more, value drives “emotion.”

“Buyers buy emotionally but make decisions intellectually.”

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Value-based statements “justify” buyers moving forward – and the hope is – inquiring about that particular unit.

And, that’s the dealer’s big win … the inquiry.

You gave value-based info.  You got a value-based buyer to inquire. Now you’re dealing on more than just the lowest price!

The RV Buyer Looks At Your Listing and Thinks:
“How’d They Come Up With That Price?”

“Why did I price this unit that way?” is a great question to ask yourself when setting prices.  (Notwithstanding legal, MSRP and MAP considerations, of course.)

When RVs have specific and valuable components in them, make sure you mention these extra value items in your RV classified listings – on your website and your 3rd party sites.

Buyers are looking for good value.  Are you telling them why each unit is worth its asking price?

Value and Affordability In RV Ads

Try describing in your listings:

  • How is this unit affordable?
  • Reasonable?
  • A good deal?

Try statements like:


“Affordably priced, this unit comes with upgraded, heavy duty …”


“It’s a highly sought after bunk house model, perfect for family getaways!”


“It’s the perfect way to get your family into the awesome and affordable RV lifestyle.”


“This reasonably priced RV gets you “rolling south” for the winter – in style!”


“Well respected in the RV industry, buyers count on excellent re-sale value from these particular units.”

Earning (And Owning) The Spread
Between Dealer Wholesale Cost and
Regular Retail Price

Dealers always work their best deals with RV OEMs.  You do your best to purchase RV inventory at prices as low as possible.  What about those units you custom order with extra value items built into them at the factory?

One good way to “earn” better margins is to put some marketing effort into effectively describing these extra value items. This will help do 3 important things:

  • Differentiate your dealership from others offering similar lines who publish listings that do not draw buyer attention to the value-adds inherent in their units.
  •  Help you justify (slightly) higher prices for nicely differentiated, value-laden RVs.


  • Help you win more leads from value-based RV shoppers.

Stellar margins don’t usually happen by accident.  Rather, margins are “earned” in many different ways.

Clearly describing value – in terms the RV shopper understands – and is looking for – is one effective way dealers can work towards “earning” (and owning) decent margins through a simple tool like an RV classified listing.

Author: Shawn Friesen

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