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It’s About the Buyer … But You Know That, Right? …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 14, 2013

Your experience already tells you certain kinds of buyers are more likely to purchase certain types of RVs.

Now it’s up to you to write RV classifieds that will attract the kind of buyer who matches the RV you’re trying to sell.

RVs Are A Lot Like RV Ads – One Size Does Not Fit All.

Understand this:  Your ads really can “call out” particular buyers.  Here’s what I mean, for instance …

Generally, young families are apt to prefer towables over motorized.  And, they often want to tow with an SUV.  You have ultra lite units which are a perfect fit, so, why not build your ultra lite ads so they specifically TALK TO, describe and “call out” the young family as they read the ad?

Say these types of things in the descriptions of your ultra lite ads:

  • You’re a young family.
  • You may or may not own a ½ ton pick up truck.
  • But, you and your kids LOVE camping!
  • Here’s a gorgeous, family RV you can tow with most SUVs!
  • Feel free to give us a quick call or – better yet – bring your SUV or Cross Over down to the dealership.  We’ll check the specifications of your vehicle on the spot and let you know if your car can tow this ultra lite RV or not.

This wording “calls out” the buyer by actually describing them – in the content of the ad.  It engages them.  They get the feeling it’s not all about you, your dealership and your rig.  It brings in the “emotion,” which will have them landing at your lot.

Nope.  Sorry.  It's all about the buyer!

Nope. Sorry. It’s all about the buyer!

Refreshingly, It’s All About Them … 

They feel like someone knows them.  Someone cares.  Someone “gets it.”  Someone’s describing them – in an RV classified.  They love to camp, but a ½ ton is not in the picture for them at this time.  You’ve grabbed them.  You’ve compelled them to come in and have a peek.

You singled them out by the words you put into your RV classified and you asked them to pop by.  Smart.

Now do this X ~ 100 units (or more) and guess what’s going to happen to your …

  • Lot traffic stats?
  • Your call volumes?
  • Your Internet lead counts?

In essence, write your ad descriptions so the ideal buyer is described right there, giving them “no place to run & no place to hide!”  Call your buyer out – so specifically – that they have no choice but to visit your dealership.

Another example:  Why not cut & paste these words (modify to suit, of course) directly into your ads?

  • You love taking your kids into the back country for some family fun times.
  • You’re a family who loves to pick up at the drop of a hat and escape the city.
  • All you need to do is hook up this fabulous RV and you’re away for the weekend.
  • You’ve got the toys – now you need the toy hauler!


Notice the use of the word “you” in these examples.  This is called using “2nd person” voice.  Very effective.  See how you’re calling buyers out with these statements?

Works For Different Market Segments Too …

Of course, our young family has different needs than the retired couple who has done well in their finances and is looking to spend their golden years crisscrossing the country visiting family and friends.  So, call these buyers out when you’re writing ads for RVs that are more geared to retired folks.

Increased “Involvement” with Your Ads – Elicits Interaction, Contact, MORE Leads …

  • You’ve worked your whole life … how about traveling this beautiful country in a luxury motor coach!
  • You prefer the comfort of home.
  • For discerning tastes in style & comfort …

You’ve seen enough buyers over the years to make some educated guesses about exactly who is going to buy what unit.  Use that knowledge to create ads that talk to those prospects as if it was written only to them.

And once you’ve got their attention, then …

  • Highlight the features which are most important to that market segment.
  • State what benefit that desired feature provides and
  • Call the reader to action!

Yes!  Now you’re building on the ideas you learned in last week’s post:  Features / Benefits / Calls-to-Action.  (WATCH a short video explaining this tactic here.)

Do you feel the “thought jogger” phrases above are useful?  Would it help you to have a huge list of wordings / phrases / Calls-to-Action that you could simply cut & paste into your ad descriptions?

If so, please let me know.  We’re just developing one now and we’d like to gauge interest.  Thanks!

As always your feedback is important.  Comments welcome!

Author: Shawn Friesen


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