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How Well do You Know Your Customer?

Posted by industryblogger on Jul 12, 2012

Every customer is different, but thanks to demographic metrics and surveying, you can see what they have in common. Knowing RV buyer trends can help you design an inbound marketing campaign based on creating blogs, videos and other content that speaks directly to your customers’ interests and concerns.

So you think you know the “typical” RV customers? See if you can answer the questions below:

What’s their average age?
The RV lifestyle attracts people who are mature enough to understand the responsibilities of vehicle, but youthful enough to take on the lure of the open road. In 2008, the average age of an owner was 49, according to a USA Today article.

Are they eager to hit the road this year?
While more than half of a survey of RV owners indicated that fuel prices would have an impact on their decision to travel, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association indicates that 64 percent planned to do more RVing during the spring and summer of 2012, while another 24 percent indicated the same amount of use this year over previous years. Mini-vacations of 1 to 4 days are also an emerging trend.

Are they saving money?
In terms of vacation travel – yes. RV buyer trends noted by RVIA show that for a family of four, an RV-based vacation costs 23 to 50 percent less than other forms of travel and accommodation. For empty-nesters on the road, savings ranged from 11 to 46 percent. These savings incorporate the costs of airline or passenger car travel, plus hotels, rental homes, restaurant meals and other travel expenses that RV users don’t have to incur.

Would they leave their best friends behind?
With advancements in RV accommodations, owners are increasingly eager to share the experience with their family pets. Some 54 percent bring their pets with them on trips, though the survey suggests that dogs are preferred road warriors to cats by a wide margin. Other unusual passengers include birds, ferrets and even horses, in RVs equipped to haul a trailer.

Where are they headed?
One of the great lures of RVing is the freedom to travel almost anywhere and have a comfortable “home base” to return to. One emerging trend has owners engaging in “seasonal” camping, docking their RV in a centralized area for an entire season, and using the family car to travel back and forth to it. Popular destinations include Branson, MO; Cape Cod, MA; Corpus Christie, TX, Traverse City, MI, and Yellowstone National Park.

What do they do for fun?
The chance to combine relaxation with activity is a huge draw in terms of RV buyer trends. More than 70 percent of surveyed owners agree that that they – and their children – stay more active on an RV trip. The most common pastimes are sightseeing and cooking out, followed by hiking, biking, fishing, and going to fairs, family reunions and other special events.

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