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How To Reach – and IMPACT! – the Local RV Shopper … Thinking Outside the Lot

Posted by industryblogger on Jul 26, 2012

Local marketing used to mean billboards & YellowPages or, if you had the budget, a 30-second spot on “drive time radio” or TV.  But today, local’s got a whole new face, and it’s one YOUR Dealership needs to take full advantage of.

You see, Search Engines have made an art out of pinpointing local businesses. With just the phrase “RV sales,” Google can produce names, maps, URLs and other information specific to a searcher’s location.

Here are some simple, on-line ways your Dealership can enjoy “home-field advantage” in your local market:

Get the “blues.”  The little red balloons that appear on maps in Google Places direct visitors to your Dealership’s location and your contact info. Upgrade to a blue balloon via AdWords Express, and suddenly, your listing gets a paid position at the top of the search results!  With its 15-mile radius, AdWords Express ensures you are front and center in local searches for RV sales and service.  Check it out here.

Break boundaries.  RVers are often on the move, and when they pass through your town they may need service or RV gear to keep them on the open road. Add your links, reviews and other information to communities of travelers via Facebook and Twitter to let them know you’ve got them covered wherever they’re passing through your area.

Check in. With the hot new app FourSquare, millions of people “check in” at businesses, other locations so they can earn “badges” as part of a huge on-line game.  The FourSquare app uses GPS technology to enhance local marketing, helping fans track each others’ whereabouts continuously. And of course, your FourSquare business page encourages people to check in at your Dealership – the more check-ins, the more badges!

• Move in new circles.  Google+ Local turns your listing into a mini-site full of information.  And now, you can be reviewed and recommended by circles of friends – Facebook-style!  The advantage of Google+ Local is that shoppers actively seek out reviews and people are likely to trust the opinions of their friends, so if your customers are happy ones, encourage them to speak up on Google+ Local.

Yes, the Search Engines have local marketing dialed right in.  And now, with some of these on-line ideas, you might just see an upswing in your local business volume as well!

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