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How to Make Sure RV Shoppers Pay Attention to Your Banner Ads

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 17, 2012

As noted in our previous post, RV dealership online display advertising must do three things to be an effective marketing tool:

1. Attract RV shopper attention
2. Engage RV shopper interest
3. Exhibit a clear call to action

Attracting RV shopper attention is the first and biggest hurdle. It’s easy for RV shoppers to skip over online banner ads. The proliferation of Google ads on websites has taught site visitors to ignore what they consider to be annoying background noise that distracts from the information they’re searching for. Site users have become adept at lasering their focus on website content and tuning out banner ads and display ads.

You can overcome what the ad industry calls “banner blindness” by using these tricks when you create RV dealership banner ads:

> Use bright, bold colors to attract the viewer’s eye.

> Employ large, bold type in headlines. Minimize italics and stay away from “cutesy” or designer type faces like Comic Sans and Broadway. You can use dark colors in headlines, but stick with high-contrasting blue-spectrum colors like royal blue and forest green. In headlines, reserve red-spectrum colors for occasional emphasis. Red, orange and yellow are more effective in the body of your ad.

> Keep body type clean and easy-to-read. Stick with standard type faces like Arial and Times Roman. Black type on a white background may seem boring but it’s the easiest to read.

Next time: Using size and shape to make your ad POP!

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