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How to “Get” that All-Important Dealership Visit …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Oct 25, 2012

“Hey Eddie, there’s another prospect on the phone for ya”  … or … Ding!  Your email just chimed with another web lead.  Fantastic!  

Sure, leads are all fine & dandy, but – in reality – if they do not set foot on your RV lot, they simply cannot buy.


You got that, right?  “They simply cannot buy.”  No visit, no purchase.  Ouch!  That’s how important appointments truly are.

So, how in the world are you going to make more appointments happen?  What can you do (or say) to increase your odds of getting that visit?

And, here’s the rub …

Because of all the “noise” competing for the consumer’s attention today, your approach in “creating” appointments needs to be handled with tact, finesse and a few of the following …

Game-Changer / Golden Rules

Because, let’s face it, if you’re just NOT GOOD at setting appointments, here’s the game you could find yourself playing – a  little too often:

  • I call you
  • You give me tons of info, great help and all your valuable time, then
  • I turn around and use you to grind some other Dealer, then
  • I never show up on your lot at all and
  • I go buy elsewhere

Not good.  Just say, “No!” to that game.

So, here’s how to “get” those lot visits you need to bump your closing ratios.

Shift Your Mindset

And, focus!  Focus on setting appointments.  When you’re on the phone or working with a web lead, nothing else matters except getting that person to show up on the RV lot.  Nothing is more important than a visit.  Your mindset.  Shift it.  Focus.  Set, set, set appointments!

And Now, Do This:

  • Be friendly, attentive, affable, warm even
  • Ask questions, dig a bit as appropriate.

Remember, the one asking the questions is the one in control!

  • Assume the prospect really WANTS to come in
  • (Mindset.  Focus.  Appointment!)

More Must-Do’s (If You’re Not Allergic to Firm Appointments):

  • Grab their contact info early
  • The unit …
  • Do you still have it?
  • Do you have anything similar?
  • If not, can you get one?

This Can Work Quite Nicely:

  • State a benefit to visiting and ask them directly to come visit
  • Alternatively, offer a couple of different time choices – this time or that time?
  • Now, cement the agreed upon time in the customer’s mind by repeating it several times

And, Without Fail …

  • Always, confirm every appointment.  (The shorter the confirmation call, the more likely the prospect will actually show.)

Fact:  Most RV dealers will close (roughly) 1 in 10 of the leads they receive.  (‘s survey results.)

Fact:  Dealers close 5 out of 10 leads that show up ‘on the lot‘.  (Joe Verde, “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth in Today’s Market,”

Fact:  Setting an appointment is your 1st key “close” on your way to ultimately closing an RV sale.

Fact:  We need to celebrate closed appointments and appointments that are kept!

And, now it’s over to you … What specifically are you going to do this month to increase your appointments set ratio?  It’s the 1st close you must make on you way to virtually every sale you make.

How does your dealership track setting appointments?  Are they a part of your CRM?  Is anyone looking at the numbers?

How about appointments set vs. appointments kept?  What have you been finding?

Are lot visits a part of your pay plan?  Have you ever incentivized appointments in any way?  What worked?  What didn’t?  Why?

Your comments are valued and welcomed.  Thank you.

Author: Shawn Friesen

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