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How Online Ad Views ARE Shoppers on Your Lot …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jul 31, 2013

What a cool discovery!  This is an important key to taking your RV dealership – UP – to the next level in sales performance.

Here’s what happened:  We dug into our real-time Web Analytics and began to see in “real time” – how many people look at RV listings – every second – on

Would you believe …

Up to 6 Times Every Second An RV Shopper Looks at An RV Classified Ad?!

That’s a lot of shopping, and a lot of exposure.  Here is a screenshot from our Analytics …

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.


How Significant Are These “Page Views” to Your Selling Efforts?

Page views occur when shoppers take a specific interest in a specific RV.  I.e. the ad is clicked, bringing the shopper virtually into the unit … thousands of times every hour!

Let’s explore …

Imagining The “Bricks & Mortar” Equivalent to An Online Shopper Viewing Your Ad

Here are some parallels:

On Your Lot Online
A prospect arrives at your RV lot. Your RV ad comes up in an online search.
The prospect approaches 1 of your RVs … they’re standing in front of it. They’ve clicked your ad … your ad opens up. (This is called a VDP view – Vehicle Detail Page view.)
You have a customer standing outside the unit, looking at the window sticker. They’re eyeballing your RVT ad online, making an overall (quick) assessment.
They’re somewhat interested, they see the specs on the window sticker. But, are they going up the stairs and inside? Are they going to click through the photos or video on your ad? Have you given them enough interesting information to make them want to look a little closer?
Now they’re inside. They explore the unit end to end. They sit on the couch and “get a feel” for the RV. Do your photos really do your units justice?
NOTE: Here’s a random ad by Scottsdale RV with a full compliment of 30 photos where (subjective, of course) I feel the photos “do the unit justice.” Check it out here.
Now your lot visitor is getting serious. Opening all the storage cabinets, looking inside, generally poking around, asking how things work. Do you have a detailed video that walks the shopper through all the features and benefits of the unit?

NOTE:  Check out Scottsdale RV’s videos as well.  Very well done.  Short, packed with information, thorough, honest, no cheese, just full of integrity and believability.

A Useful Exercise on Your Way UP – to the Next Level in Sales Performance

It can be helpful to imagine – or to think through – the RV shopper’s online experience with your ads as if the experience was happening on your RV lot – a place you’re very familiar with buyer behavior.  Similar dynamics are at play when shoppers are browsing your ads.

And, with up to 80 units being viewed per minute on alone, a tremendous number of buyer-eyes are potentially standing in front of YOUR RVs …

Author: Shawn Friesen

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