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How Every RV Dealer Has Now Become an “Online Publisher”

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 02, 2012

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The OLD image of a “Publisher:”  A tweed-blazered, pipe-smoking academic editing volumes of free verse.

The NEW image of an “Online Publisher:”  A knowledgable, authentic and skilled RV Dealer with an attractive Website, a killer blog, YouTube channel and a strong Social Media presence who runs ultra effective banner ad campaigns and superior, responsive classifieds as well.

Hey, you’re building content.  And, you’re putting it “out there” for the world to see.  That makes YOU an Online Publisher!  So sure,  you’re creating awareness for your RV Dealership, but at the same time, you’re driving qualified buyers to make serious inquiries about specific units in your inventory.

But, the question remains:  “How do I become a more & more effective Online Publisher?”

Excellent question!  Here are some keys:

Create great content. In the frenzied, web-searching world of today’s consumer, the RV Dealer (a.k.a. Online Publisher) must concentrate hard on building content that resonates with and that stikes a chord with her knowledge-hungry RV shopper.  Great content is your # 1 priority.

You see, consumers are allergic to sales pitches.  They’re largely ignored.

Instead, consumers seek knowledge, answers and advice from credible sources.  And YOU can be THAT source for RV information.

Your blogs, your videos, reports, fact sheets, interviews, enhanced online classifieds and beautifully optimized images can all deliver compelling and informative content to the RV shopper.  How about …

  • Tips that demonstrate the strength of your product knowledge
  • Info about matching the RV buyer’s lifestyle with their choice of RVs
  • Bring value
  • Exude personality, energy and the fulfillment of needs through the content you publish

And, of course, there are interest creating stories (did we talk about how important “story” is?) involving …

  • RV’ing destinations
  • Vehicle troubleshooting
  • Travel trends and more

Make the most of SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps your content rank higher in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Hey, why not “get found” by RV buyers who are farther away than just your “local” market!  SEO’s the ticket!

Plus, easy-to-use tools like Google AdWords can help you determine the most effective SEO “keywords” and phrases that consumers are using when they’re searching far-and-wide online for an RV (or for RV service in your region.)

And BTW – keep this one to yourself – it’s easy to get the low down on exactly which keywords your competitors are using.  Check out Spy Fu.

Choose the ideal venue. Showcasing your SEO-enhanced, info-rich content starts with understanding the online habits of the ready-willing and able-to-buy RV shopper – i.e. your ideal prospect.  Publish your gorgeous color images to Facebook, tweet all your RV buyer tidbits, tips & tricks, make your Dealership a check-in spot in Foursquare and load up your YouTube channel as well.  These will all drive traffic to your inventory online.  Good for you!

Test, revise and then test again.  Building brilliant content is just the beginning of your RV Dealership’s publishing process.  With Google Analytics (among other resources,) you can actually measure response to your content, analyze the effectiveness of your calls-to-action, see if your landing pages are converting and monitor all of your online published material.

So, if you’re NOT getting the reaction (the call-ins, the email leads, the walk-ins etc.) that you want, simply create and test new, different or alternate versions of your content.  Continuous improvement.

Go ahead!  Surprise yourself … sometimes, even a small change in what and how you publish online can make a huge difference to your Dealership’s top line!

Author: Shawn Friesen

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