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How Changes in the RV Business Can Lead to Huge Opportunities …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 05, 2015

When you’re selling RVs, it can often seem like your digital marketing landscape — changes FAST!  Ready!  Aim!  Oops, the target moved … again!  (Examples?  Online shopping trends, email lead volume fluctuations, Adwords, Google algorithm changes, Social Media platform usage evolution and the list goes on.)

But in RV sales, as in life, “change” is often spelled — o – p – p – o – r – t – u – n – i – t – y.

Take for example, the recent changes to’s homepage.

It’s one of the most trafficked webpages for RV sales online.   Hundreds-of-thousands of actively shopping RV consumer buyers have been hitting that page every month (year after year), hunting for their next RV.

But it just changed … again!

So what’s the big, new opportunity?

It’s simple.  We made the (already huge) Spotlight Featured Ads … 4-times larger.  4 X more Real Estate for certain ones of your units that you’re trying to move – and move quickly.

And not only that, but we also moved our Spotlight Featured ads up to the top of’s homepage, “above the fold” and into the infamous “golden triangle” where the majority of your buyers’ eyes – and clicks – occur.



Don’t take our word for it … look what happened to the click-through-rates (CTRs) on Spotlight Featured Ads on this screenshot of RVT’s Google Analytics:


And, here’s how these huge new Spotlight Featured Ads now look on mobile devices:





NOTE:  the clicks to Spotlight ads are up 152% because we took our entire site “responsive”.  Just another example of how change can lead to interesting opportunities … for you.

You can buy 1, 3 or 5 of your units into the fabulous Spotlight Featured position by logging into your account, hover on Increase Sales and click Add Upgrades.

(Not an customer yet but want to capture extra buyer views of your inventory by purchasing Spotlight Featured Ads?  Just request a free trial RVT account and we’ll get you all set up.)

Yes, change brings opportunity.  But what matters most … is what you actually DO with those opportunities.  Get started now.

Author: Shawn Friesen



    Great point. As a “professional marketer” I preach to clients that changes are great opportunities to gain market share over the people who hesitate to adapt quickly to change.

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