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Get on the Map, Take Control and Get Selling …

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 16, 2012

That shiny new RV you’ve got sitting out there on your lot looks like it wants to find a really good home!  So, I was wondering … how are you going to “make that happen”?

Yes, the song remains the same.  Hey, you’re an RV Dealer!  You need to get your Dealership in front of ready, willing and able RV buyers.  Real buyers.  Qualified buyers.  Buyers who are actively searching for a new coach.

No matter what size your Dealership is, where it’s located or how big your advertising budget is (or isn’t!), getting in front of qualified buyers is Job # 1.

Here are a couple of ideas you might want to consider:

1.  Get Your Dealership on “THE” Map!

At zero cost (and with absolutely no obligation), make sure your Dealership is listed on’s National RV Dealer Map.

RV buyers search this map like crazy looking for Dealers!  For example, in the last 30 days alone …

  • 4,100 unique visitors have looked at our National RV Dealer Map close to
  • 7,200 times!

And, that’s big – especially if you’re trying to get found!

To see if your Dealership is listed on our map, go here.  If you’re not already listed, feel free to fill out this simple form and we’ll add you to our list, no cost.

2.  Subscribe to this blog:

Your success in selling RVs is important.  To you AND to us.  In fact, we make it our first priority to help you move more & more units all the time.

That’s why, as a no-charge subscriber to this blog, (published by,) you’ll enjoy fresh and inspiring tips, tricks, “how-to’s,” articles, stories and other valuable resources all related to helping you increase your RV sales.

We post 1 new blog entry every Thursday, but we only send out an email once every couple of weeks.  The email is for your convenience.  It gives you a quick snippet/synopsis on the RV sales topics we’ve been blogging about and the community has been discussing.

Fun and helpful, sales-oriented and keenly focused on the business of selling RV’s, you might want to make sure your Sales Manager and your entire Sales Team is subscribed!

So, if you’re not already … you can subscribe here.  It’s good to have you aboard!

3.  Get Your RV’s to Show Up FIRST for RV Buyers Who Are Searching From Your Local Region

Now, this is cool!  Talk about “owning your local market!”  Here’s the scenario …

Let’s say an RV buyer arrives at and starts searching for a new RV.  So far, so good.  (This only happens about 500,000 times a month – or so.)

Well – get this – our system looks at every buyer and determines – geographically – where each buyer is located.  Then, it cross-references the buyer’s location with all the RV’s you currently have in stock and if you have a unit similar to what the buyer is searching for, because you are geographically located close to that buyer, YOUR RVs show up “front & center” in the buyer’s search results!

You steal the show in your local market!

RV search results are presented to buyers geographically – based on where the buyer is searching from.  Who’s up for a little regional market domination in RV sales?!

This intelligent “geo-location” system actually helps BOTH RV buyers AND RV sellers.  Think of it from the buyer’s perspective …

The RV buyer located in California sees RVs located in California FIRST in his/her search results.  S/he definitely does see similar RVs for sale in, say, New York for example, but these would appear closer to the bottom of their search results.

Makes it easy.  Geographic location-based RV searches.  Buyers love it.  Sellers love it (more)!

 So, Let’s Find that Shiny New RV a Real Good Home, OK?

We’ll get you on the National RV Dealer Map, get your team all subscribed to a flow of well-researched, practical sales tip / blog posts and we’ll watch you gain complete control of your local RV marketplace!

Now look at you go!

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