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Get More Targeted Traffic Using Google AdWords New Match Types

Posted by industryblogger on May 03, 2012

The keywords you use have historically impacted your success or failure with Google AdWords – spellings and variations of search terms that AdWords couldn’t recognize as a match to your keyword list didn’t always produce the results that the user intended.  Spelling “waterproof” as “waterpoof,” for instance, might doom a keyword search from the start.

AdWords, has been sensitive to spelling errors and mistyping – but that’ s due to change. Starting this May, AdWords match types will be able to match keywords with close variants. Keyboarding errors, spelling mistakes, plurals and abbreviations will be matched by AdWords to keywords automatically. That’s great news for the estimated 7 percent of all search terms that Google says contains misspellings.

Even more impressively, AdWords will recognize new correctly spelled variations on keyword phrases. For instance, if your keywords are [Tampa RV sales and service], the new, improved AdWords match type might recognize [RV Tampa service] or [Tampa RVs sales] and boost your ad to the top of the results.

You have a role in AdWords match types. With four options to choose from, you can control how your ads appear and who sees them.

  • The broad match keyword opens the search to  similar phrasing and variations
  • The phrase match limits the searches to an exact phrase within the search terms
  • The exact match shows your ad on searches that contain only the exact phrase
  • The negative match ensures that your ad won’t show in any search that includes the “negative” term

Whatever AdWords match type option is best for you, you should ideally monitor your account regularly to ensure that you’re choosing the best keywords for your audience. Look at the search queries and adjust your keywords appropriately.

You may also consider checking your keywords for “broad match” results. For instance, if your keywords are a very broad phrase like [RV sales], the new AdWords function creates a much larger pool of results. You will likely get more targeted traffic with more targeted keywords, such as your location, featured brand of RV, or other detail.

Don’t forget to consider broad match modifiers when you select keywords. Select one important keyword and then select additional words that MUST appear in the search query by entering your keywords with a + in front of them without a space. You can get even more qualified matches and traffic using this approach as well.

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