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Gain An “Unfair Advantage” When Your RVs Look Great on a Smart Phone …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jun 05, 2013

With society’s wholesale adoption of smart phones, the iPad and other tablets, it’s extremely important that your inventory of RVs presents well from a mobile device.  Fortunately, if you’re an RVT customer, it already does.  Using-mobile-phone

But there’s more … read on.

Yes, RV consumer browsing from mobile devices is skyrocketing.  But, exactly how to give mobile shoppers a truly “great” mobile browsing experience can be a challenge to many dealers.  There are lots of ways you can go!

An Impressive “Total Makeover” on the Mobile Version of RVT – 

Since RVT recently updated …

  • The functionality
  • The simplicity, the speed and
  • The look & feel of our mobile site,

… we thought we’d make it simple for our dealer customers who want to give their valued RV shoppers “a fighting chance” at properly viewing their RV inventory from a mobile device.

Clarifying “Mobile”

When a consumer hits via smart phone or tablet, the site automatically recognizes a mobile device and serves that consumer your RVs in a way that is visually optimized for whatever device the consumer is using – smart phone, iPad or tablet.  This is known as “responsive” design.  No matter what device is used, your RV inventory is optimized for viewing on that device.  Seamless.  Fast.  Beautiful.

So far, so good.  But …

What About The Dealer’s Own Website?

RVT to the rescue!  If you want your inventory – on your Website – to show up crisp and clear via a mobile device, try one of these 2 ideas:

1.  Add a simple button to your Website (close to the upper left hand corner of your homepage so mobile users will see it right away.)  The button should say, “Mobile Site” or “Mobile Friendly Site.”  Now link that button to your inventory in its  mobile optimized format.

  • It’s simple, no-cost, fast and – from a mobile device – it shows your inventory exceptionally well!
  • And … it ONLY shows YOUR inventory – no one else’s.


Here’s how to get the link you need for that new “Mobile Friendly Site” button you’re going to add to your Website:

Find the link here.  It looks like this:


Click to view larger image.

Use this link for your new “Mobile Site” button.

—  Or  —  sign up today if you’re not already using to SELL MORE.

Alternatively, given a budget for some programming and development, you may choose to …

2.  Turn your dealership’s website into a “responsive” site so that your site itself detects whether or not each visitor is on a mobile device and if mobile, it then automatically serves your inventory in a mobile optimized format.

If you choose to go with a “responsive” site of your own, you can still use the same link as above, if you choose.

Mobile Keeps Improving – Don’t Get Left Behind!

Overall, with RVTs new mobile site, your visitors will enjoy …

  • An improved layout
  • Larger images of your RVs
  • Graphical, one touch search options for different RV categories
  • Easy search filters for searching your inventory by price or manufacturer or a host of other options – with a tap or two

Enter the Mobile World – Just Do It!

Mobile is huge.  And, you know it.

It’s so frustrating to shop on a phone, squinting, navigating around, pinching the screen, enlarging the print, looking for buttons etc.  You quickly lose interest.

Why not give RV shoppers “no friction” access to your inventory when they’re on the go?  It’s never been easier for dealers to add a simple “Mobile Here” button to their websites and link to RVT’s brilliant presentation of your RVs on ANY mobile device.

Author: Shawn Friesen

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